Hero Jr.  – Unplugged Vinyl Release Show at Square Cat Vinyl

Promotional photo by Kurt Anno.

HERO JR. has a reputation for playing different shows each night, often stretching their well-crafted rock tunes into epic jams. On tour since 2012, the band has played more than 600 shows across America, including support for Alice Cooper, Tom Petty, Queensrÿche and other established rock artists. They will play a live unplugged vinyl release show in Indianapolis, Ind. at Square Cat Vinyl (1054 Virginia Ave.) on Friday, July 7 at 8 p.m.

Hero Jr. is set to perform songs off their new album, Sometimes You Just Gotta Give It The Business, which will be available for purchase on vinyl for the first time since its release in April. The album was recorded live to analog tape in just 48 hours, with the band performing sides one and two of the record in sequence for the definitive Hero Jr. experience. With an essence somewhere between the best of Nirvana and the heavy simplicity of early Black Sabbath, Sometimes You Just Gotta Give It The Business gives listeners all the expected dynamics and power of a great classic rock band with a few melodic, lyrical and musical hooks that keep listeners singing along. Sometimes You Just Gotta Give It The Business is available now on iTunes and CD, and will be available on vinyl at the Square Cat Vinyl release show.

HERO JR. is a four-piece rock band from Indianapolis with an inspired blend of Black Sabbath influenced British Rock and Nirvana-esque American Punk / Grunge, yielding a modern rock force to be reckoned with. Having supported major headlining acts such as Tom Petty, The Offspring, The Answer, Tantric and more, Hero Jr. is truly in their element live on stage, performing an average of 175 shows each year at clubs and festivals, with no two shows the same. Sharing the same values as legendary audio pioneer Klipsch, Hero Jr. is one of the few bands featured in their Emerging Artists program, with both parties holding in high esteem a respect to confidence, product quality and in-your-face volume. In terms of work ethic and influences, Hero Jr. is an old school band, but their crisp live sound sets the bar for “real” modern rock music.

Living in London, U.K. at the time, Rose was introduced to Haughey when mixing a record in Bloomington, Ind. in 2004. The two bonded immediately, spontaneously writing and recording an EP in just three days, with Ashley on drums for the session, who was recently off the road from a run with Evan Dando and The Lemonheads. All three musicians left knowing they had created something special, but Rose returned to London, writing and producing for others, and touring as Marianne Faithfull’s guitarist on her Songs of Innocence and Experience World Tours. Haughey later moved from Bloomington to Indianapolis, where he met New York native DuBrava at an open mic night. The two eventually formed a few local bands, which gradually morphed into the first Hero Jr. incarnation in 2010, with Haughey’s brother Matthew on drums. The following year, Rose and Haughey re-collaborated on material through video chat, which would eventually be released as Hero Jr.’s second recording, Backup Plan. Working between Rose’s London studio and John Mellencamp guitarist Mike Wanchic’s Echo Park Studio in Bloomington, it was difficult recording an album without being in the same room, but the two writers picked up where they had left off more than five years prior. Just before the band’s first release party in 2012, Rose’s newly formed England-based label unexpectedly folded, giving him time to visit Haughey in America, where he played as a guest at the Hero Jr. album release party, never returning England even though originally planning to be in America for only two weeks.

Hero Jr. is Evan Haughey (vocals, rhythm guitar), Ken Rose (lead guitar), Dave DuBrava (bass) and Devon Ashley (drums).