Haunts & Jaunts: The visions are always there!

Ted Lobdell. Photo by R. Hinton

Some people have the “gift” of foreseeing what will happen. They’re known by many names: sensitive, intuitive, seer, oracle, sage, clairvoyant, possessing a sixth sense or psychic. This gift is a blessing or a curse, or something lying in between. I’ve met a few of the genuine article, yet also a few wannabes having high aspirations, but not quite making the cut. However, I met one such “genuine” soul this past Friday,who I now call friend.

Ted Lobdell met me at the Ordinary restaurant in Wanamaker for lunch. Ted’s a big guy (surely he was a linebacker on some football team?) with a personality taking over a room rather quickly. We shook hands and between bites of our lunch he told me his story.

Ted is firmly entrenched on the Southside of Indianapolis and well known. Presently the owner of a publication company, he formerly coached football and basketball and has been an IHSAA (Indiana High School Athletic Association) official for 25 years. Ted loves his sports! He’s also a Sooth Sayer (a person able to foresee the future). “I’ve been doing this all my life!” he told me. There was something in his eyes that told me that was true.

Ted’s great-grandfather was a Shaman (a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits) in Puerto Rico. The country is largely influenced by the Roman Catholic Church, yet he was respected because of his visions. Ted’s heard stories of his ancestor, walking with white flowing robes, touching the heads of children and blessing them. They say psychic abilities are inherited, and often skip a generation to manifest. This time frame works out for Ted. He also believes there’s no such thing as normal circumstance. “People have asked me, how do you know things?” Ted stated between bites of a fish sandwich. “I respond—it just comes to me!” Ted, a Catholic, doesn’t believe in chance meetings. “God puts people in our path for reasons only known to Him. It’s for us to figure it out – be it positive or negative.”

Was I a person put into Ted’s path for a reason? And… how did he read me?

Then we got down to the reason for our meeting. Ted had an experience he wanted to share. On a recent visit to one of his vendors – an antique shop in Bargersville, formerly a funeral home – while speaking to one of the shop’s employees, he heard an overwhelming white noise hiss circulating about the room. Embedded within that noise was the murmuring of voices… many voices. It shook him up! Those possessing the ability of premonitions are often sensitive to paranormal encounters. It comes with the territory. Ted asked the employee if she heard what was going on. Yes, she had. “It’s just the spirits,” she replied.

I would suppose, a visit is in order…