Haunts & Jaunts: The Roads Hotel

The Roads Hotel

The Roads Hotel…Atlanta, Indiana. *Photos by Rick Hinton

   The Roads Hotel, located in Atlanta, Ind. (due north from Noblesville), stands firmly entrenched in the progression of the time and history of an Indiana farming community. It hasn’t changed! There is one main street that eventually connects routes toward Tipton to the north or Anderson to the east. Perhaps there is a need to move on past a life in a small Indiana town—some do—or, retain a lifestyle of ties that bind as many others settle into. The Roads Hotel sits on the  main drag as it has since its construction in 1893, cemented into an era of mystery and secrets where, from all reports, still manages to intermingle with the present. Haunted? It would appear that former occupants of the hotel have not moved on after death, continuing to co-exist with the living.

The formal dining room–first floor entrance.

   The two story, rectangular Queen Anne style home, with matching two story porches, would seem to have started its life as a hotel and boarding house. Times change, as does history. Atlanta certainly did. During the Prohibition, the building transformed into a speakeasy (available booze for purchase) and, as legend dictates, a brothel during the short period when the small Hamilton County town experienced a “Gas Boom,” bringing in workers and the establishment of six taverns. Al Capone and John Dillinger were purported to have visited. I believe, from all the stories I’ve heard about Capone and Dillinger visiting locales, here, and also on the south side of Indianapolis, that stories are sometimes questionable. Really! Let’s give credit where credit is due. At that particular time they were much too busy with mayhem and merriment to be casually traversing the back roads of Indiana. Who has the time for that?

The second floor hallway…strange rumblings.

   However, that doesn’t mean the Roads Hotel isn’t haunted…

   Paranormal investigators from all over the state, and country, have been coming to the Roads for years. They claim everything from shadow figures to doors opening and closing, voices, apparitions, lights turning on and off, footsteps, photo and video evidence, and EVP’s (audio recordings). Former caretakers who lived in an apartment at the hotel validate the claims. Paranormal teams would come and go, spending a few hours, and then leaving. These caretakers were there 24/7, with the night hours not being the only time “things” would happen. The paranormal happens in the daytime too!

   Gail Sanchez, a south side resident, knew the hotel about as well as anyone. She owned it. And, as 2017 eases towards fall, the Roads Hotel begins a new chapter in its history….