Haunts & Jaunts: Ramblings about the paranormal

Some of the author’s equipment used for a paranormal investigation.
Photo by Rick Hinton

   This past week has been a rough one! It’s been emotionally packed, not only for me but also my wife Laura, culminating in a funeral service on Saturday. It’s been a week of exploring our own mortality: of how we live, how we will die and if contributions we’ve made during our short stretch on this physical plane will make any difference. Have we been a good husband, father or son? Wife, mother or

daughter? Hard observations, gathered in a texture of a fleeting and precious life, ending much too soon for anyone’s satisfaction. It makes me think of that, and other things. In the paranormal realm, why do some go on after death, yet others do not, remaining behind?

   It’s the million dollar question! Fortunately, I have a tolerant editor who allows me to ramble about these questions. After a week of reflection and speculation on life, it all comes down to what happens after death.

   Do we have any control over a paranormal situation we suddenly find ourselves in? Yes and no. Many times we find ourselves in a home or business already inhabited by previous occupants. We essentially become a victim of circumstance. Do we stay or go? It’s a subjective topic. It’s said that not only can locations be haunted, but in many instances it’s the people who are haunted. Some, it would seem, bring “things” with them, from misadventure or prior paranormal investigations. Maybe an unhealthy interest in ghosts in general? I have a co-worker possessing a ghostly hitch-hiker. Perhaps this started from a casual ghost hunt at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, in Louisville, Ky., a few years ago? I don’t know, but “something” seems to follow him and his family wherever they move. They live with it.

   Old houses, new houses, it doesn’t seem to matter. Sometimes it’s the land itself on which these houses sit that retain remnants. What are you going to do about that? Small towns or big cities, all have  passages of history that define a life experience — sometimes pleasant, sometimes not. Paranormal investigators explore, investigate and try to make some sort of sense of a situation that continues to elude. We grab momentarily a slice, a quick grasp, and  then it’s gone. I would suppose (and I’ve been doing this for a few years) that half the fun of the hunt is attempting to gain information to questions with no definitive answer. It’s like a game of chess! People love a good ghost story. They want to believe. I do!    

   The endeavor continues on.