Haunts & Jaunts: Questions answered

Haunts & Jaunts reader’s questions answered

  I receive emails responding to articles I have written for The Southside Times. It’s been an interesting journey, and I do appreciate the feedback, even those questions regarding a particular article not possible for a followup. We all, it would seem, have a story to tell about personal experiences from unexplained moments in our lives. I am by no means an expert on the subject, but do the best I can. I aim to please. Reader Sharon Kinner writes:   

   I’m still enjoying your columns, especially the nice tribute to your friend last week…so happy she’s been ‘in touch’ since.”

   Sharon is referring to the article God’s speed, Diane, appearing in the April 20 issue. It has been quiet in the Coleman house—the music box not suddenly playing—but this week that changed. Mid week John at 5 a.m. was awakened by a loud “John!” And there was a song playing in his head he couldn’t identify. He researched the words on the internet, but couldn’t find the tune. The next day while driving the song came on the radio, Tim McGraw’s—Please Remember Me. “She knows how much I’m hurting,” he says.

   “I hope others get the comfort I feel when things like that happen.”

   Sharon’s had visitations since her husband’s passing. It’s not scary, instead it brings her that degree of comfort.

Within the walls of the house on Southport Road it is currently quiet. Photo by Rick Hinton.

   “I also enjoyed this weeks column (When I’m away, the house will play) about your cranky old ‘guest’ who continues to make her presence known to Laura and Norm in your absence. Hope to hear another update about what happens during your upcoming Chicago trip. Have you ever sat down and tried to communicate with ‘her’ to let her know Laura and Norm are important to you and should be respected while you’re gone? Just wondering if ‘her’ attitude would change if she was told by you to stop acting up. Hope that wouldn’t make her even more upset and she’d act up even more! Can’t wait to hear your next story!”

   I’m a firm believer in not investigating one’s own home. That can quickly turn nasty! However Sharon, the morning I left, I did have a talk to the house. It was not demanding or provoking, but rather an appeal to keep things peaceful. I was nice. Laura (and Norm) had no instances while I was away. And Jerry the cat—with eyes the size of quarters—has been silent on the subject. He has secrets.

   There is another trip to Chicago this week and two Boy Scout weekends this summer. We will see!