Haunts & Jaunts: The paranormal enigma

North Central Paranormal, patiently awaiting… Photo by Rick Hinton

Writer Friedrich Nietzsche offered a caution: 

Whoever battles with monsters had better see that it does not turn him into a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” 

An ominous warning that could apply to those in the paranormal field?

The question arises—just what are we looking for when expending a large amount of time conducting a paranormal investigation? The truth? An adrenaline rush? Or a combination of the two? So many start-up investigative groups are heavily influenced and receive basic training from watching paranormal television. The shows always provide a neat wrap-up and then off to other horizons. The shows also provide tantalizing locations. It’s a win/win, not only for television ratings, but also the locations portrayed. In a one hour show “they” would appear to have arrived at all the answers. Unfortunately, in the “real” world, it doesn’t work that way. We are not on television!  

With numerous proliferation’s of paying “haunted” venues dotting the landscape, a paranormal investigator should never get bored with opportunities offered. Paying venues—which I now affectionately title “Pay Per Views”—offer the opportunity to investigate a site with an often torrid past, and reputation of being haunted as a result. Some are the real deal. Many others, however, are a load of crap! Questions should arise:

  • At these locations, who exactly are you helping with a problem there? Or…is there a problem? Are you only assisting the owner with a financial contribution to keep their doors open? They most likely don’t want a conclusion unless it furthers the reputation.
  • You are definitely not breaking any new ground where hundreds before you have trod the same terrain, using the very same bells and whistles, asking the same tried and true repetitive questions in EVP audio sessions, and setting up infrared cameras in familiar spots. It is thought, a consistent invasion of paranormal investigators can actually drive spirits away!
  • The wear and tear on your person, automobile and wallet due to a continuous cycle of weekend investigations.
  • If you are only into the paranormal for an adrenaline rush, then by all means have at it at the Pay Per Views! Yet, paranormal investigations can be so much more than only visiting these spook amusement parks. How about instead, helping someone with a need ? Groups solely concentrating on paranormal Disney-worlds will find themselves limited when it comes to anything of a more serious nature.

Have you heard the phrase-”Dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight?” I’m paying more attention to that these days….