Haunts & Jaunts: Investigating your own home, revisited

Investigating your own home, revisited

Investigating your own residence is not always a good idea.

   Should paranormal investigators investigate their own home? It can be an iffy proposition. I wrote on this over a year ago, yet it’s a timeless subject, and relevant to our own home. I still have not changed my position….

   “An association with a spiritual entity within your own residence quickly becomes a personal matter, and like it or not, you either learn to coexist, or take measures to usher them out the door. They may be unwelcome guests, but they’re still guests. Over time, they become unofficial members of the family, becoming familiar with our quirks and  eccentricities, as we do theirs. And they will play upon these until we become comfortably numb and accepting, or you want to dig a little deeper. Suddenly you bring in a troop of unfamiliar faces with an arsenal of cameras, recorders, lighted meters, and a barrage of questions. It’s literally an invasion. Your spiritual house guests think so too. The game then changes….”

   “Investigating your own personal abode is not such a good thing! For the spirits it’s an intrusion upon them, and ‘their’ family. The investigation may either ramp up activity (apparently they can get highly angry over this invasion of their personal space) or the opposite—retreating into the shadows and staying quiet during the ghost hunt, yet reemerging afterwards to let the family know they are not pleased. Let’s face it, after the equipment is packed up and the investigation ends, you have to live there and deal with the consequences.”

   If the homeowners are the ones conducting their own investigation, I would imagine the same results as outsiders coming in. It becomes real personal at that point! (Not fond of their ‘family’ taking charge and calling the shots) Ghosts, it would seem, don’t care much for change. They are caught in a timeless transition of repetition and shenanigans, with a mission we most likely will never understand.

   We coexist with our ghost. She does little things to let us know she is still there and has the run of the house. She is not mean or malevolent. For now, that’s all I need to know.

   Correction to last weeks article on the Indianapolis Catacombs:

     Joe Perin, Public Relations & Event Manager for the Indianapolis City Market, contacted me. They do allow paranormal investigations of the catacombs on a limited basis. To set one up, contact him or Stevi Stoesz on the City Markets website’s basic contact page. There is a cost associated. There are You Tube videos of prior investigations.