Haunts & Jaunts: The house will play

When I’m away, the house will play

A flickering lamp. Coincidence?

   It happens every time I go away. You can just about set your watch to it. Our house (and the residing spirit) plays havoc upon my wife. We believe it is female. Maybe she doesn’t like change? Maybe she has a crush upon me? Or quite possibly, my presence (a calming influence?) is a factor in keeping her toned down? I don’t know. I do know that, on this paranormal journey, the more we think we know actually turns into the less we understand. I left Friday afternoon for a Scout outing. I received a text from Laura Saturday informing me “the spook was off the scale last night!” She was frazzled. This spirit seems to enjoy messing with her.

   Friday evening a bulb in the front window lamp started flickering. It had never done that before, but it’s an old antique lamp, so who knows. Could have been a socket or the bulb itself. Not necessarily anything to get excited about, and certainly nothing to definitively claim paranormal. However, that was only the beginning…

Norm Hinton–I see dead people.

   After awakening from a soothing couch nap at midnight (with TV playing), Laura made her way upstairs to go to bed. That’s when the real fun began. She left the bedroom door ajar, something we seldom do. Soon the floorboards in the adjoining hallway began creaking. Footsteps? Sure sounded like them. Norm the dog was in the bedroom with her, and Jerry the cat is small, skinny and much too light to make sounds like that. He treads lightly. Then a light show began playing on the wall she faced. They were like car headlights, but from the positioning of the front windows, impossible to  reach our bedroom. Meanwhile my side of the bed began making noises… like subtle movement. It’s a Sleep Number bed…there are two separate mattresses, yet it was only my side of the bed making the noise. Laura refused to turn and glance towards my side. It felt safer that way. She keep her gaze upon the opposite wall and the lights until she fell asleep.

   The next morning Norm lay in the lower den (as he most often does) and suddenly started barking. It was his warning bark. We know this bark. Laura investigated. His attention was riveted to the small bathroom across from the room. He does this a lot, even when I am here. Have I told you our house is haunted?

      Monday I leave to Chicago for work, returning Wednesday night. I can’t wait to hear of my wife’s adventures upon my return!