Haunts & Jaunts: It’s happening again

It’s happening again

“What lurks up the stairs? Laura and I have struck this pose many times in the past.” (Photo by R Hinton)

    I think I’ve mentioned—I no longer pay to hunt haunted houses. It’s not only a wallet thing, but a matter of principle. Plus… I live in one!

   It is said – “Keep the home fires burning.” I take this as keeping your home, family and life moving forward on an even keel. And I take that seriously. Yet, there are mysteries beyond our control. I no longer seek out haunted situations. I know it’s out there. I’m a believer. The Hinton compound has its spirit. And, my wife Laura occasionally gets frazzled… sometimes more than others. I have written about the activity in our home on Southport Road in the past. I would term our house ‘mildly haunted.’ There are no shimmering apparitions or furniture moving poltergeists, just a presence that occasionally feels the need to let you know she is there. Or rather, lets Laura know that she still is in charge. One such occurrence happened this past Friday at the start of Labor Day weekend.

   I was off work that day, alone in my lower level office. Laura was at work and her son John was at school. And, as in many times from the past when I was in this exact situation, I heard movement and thumping from the second floor bedroom right above me. This doesn’t even phase me anymore. The majority of our activity seems to center in the upstairs bedrooms. I didn’t go to investigate, just shrugged it off. That was the start…

  Later that evening Laura and I were in the downstairs den watching movies. I excused myself to go into the garage when Laura came out a couple of minutes later. She was white and clearly shaken. “Well, the spook is on a roll tonight! When you came out here,” she said, “I heard a loud exclamation from the upstairs bedroom—John’s room!” It’s a sound we hear most every night when he is involved in his video games. The problem was that John was not there. He was spending the night with a friend. Jerry the cat puffed up like a porcupine at the sound. It would seem our spook has developed skills—imitating voices. This happened to me several years ago on an investigation where I heard myself on an audio recording speaking nonsense gibberish while at the same time hearing my voice farther away in the building. Laura was not amused!

   While getting ready for bed she watched in the mirror the bathroom door open and then swing shut behind her. She did not sleep well that Friday night.