Haunts & Jaunts: Ghosts – Fact or fiction?

Ghosts: Fact or fiction?

   Ghosts…fact or fiction? Everyone has an opinion. From polls taken, a great number of people are in the pro camp. However, many folks on this side of the fence would never admit to a belief in the supernatural world due to ridicule from friends and family. They stay quiet. On the flip side, those opposed have no problems voicing their disbelief. Whatever your view, the fact is the subject of the paranormal is a multi-million dollar market in Hollywood and television, along with countless books on the subject. This won’t end anytime soon.

   Basically, a ghost was once a living person or animals and pets (Fluffy the cat?) that once walked the earth, died, and for whatever reason, never moved on to the next realm of existence. Why some move on and others don’t is the million dollar question. Many believe those remaining behind do so because of violent death or sudden tragic deaths such as accidents. There are thoughts that some formed such an attachment for earthly pleasures (home, parcel of ground, or a person) that when it was their time to go, they refused. Free will upon death is an interesting concept. If we could only ask them the details….

   That wont happen anytime soon due to the fact that as of yet no ghost has been lassoed, tied up, and examined. After all the years of paranormal investigations, we are no closer to the truth than we were when this pseudo science started.

   Ghosts have many titles: spirits,entities, phantasms, apparitions or manifestations. While there are reports of dark shadowy figures, many feel these are a different animal. And one with implications of an evil agenda. Different ballgame here!

   Ghosts in your home? Their forms have been reported to look both solid and also misty transparent. Some glow. There is often a change of ambient temperature, making a selected area colder. A sudden unusual odor (cologne, tobacco, food)? Perhaps you have been grabbed, pinched or scratched? Or…cold sweats, nausea, sleep paralysis, breathlessness, or rapid heart rate? Maybe, just maybe.

   Dogs have a sensitivity that we do not. Many have been used in paranormal investigations. They don’t have psychological baggage, so consequently their reactions are usually quite accurate. Cats are the same, but I would never advise taking them to an investigation. I tried a dog once, but it didn’t work out.

   A lot of folks are very adamant about the existence of ghosts. Their numbers would indicate there is something to it all. However, those in the far corner have some convincing arguments….