Haunts & Jaunts: Best of Indiana Hauntings

Best of Indiana Hauntings

The crowd for the Greenwood Library haunted talk.
The crowd for the Greenwood Library haunted talk.

When Nici Kobrowski stood front and center at the Oct. 26 “The Best of Indiana Hauntings” gathering at the Greenwood Public Library, she knew what to expect. There were those in attendance that, due to the month of October and approaching Halloween, held certain expectations for a crash course in paranormal realities. After all, the month of October holds a certain resonance because of the focus upon the supernatural that culminates on Halloween. Many move on to other interests after that date. However, others in attendance fully realized that paranormal occurrences are not just limited to one month of the year. For investigators it’s a long calendar year. They were there to hear the stories.

Michael Kobrowski manned the power-point as Nici moved through the presentation, highlighting locations in central Indiana that, through their experience as paranormal investigators and tour guide operators, had affected them on a personal level. It’s always the personal that hits home and leave the memories! On that Monday night, the Kobrowski’s shared a part of their world.

Nici is a speaker and author of several books dealing with the paranormal.  (Encyclopedia of Haunted Indiana, for example) The husband and wife team have a publishing company in addition to operating haunted tours throughout the year. While the tours primarily concentrate in the northern area of Indianapolis—Westfield and Noblesville—there is the occasional walking tour through a haunted stretch of downtown Indianapolis. Most are not aware of past events that happened in the city they live in.

The presentation touched briefly upon select favorite locations around central Indiana, culminating with the downtown site of the former Central State Hospital. The crowd viewed photos of the remaining buildings and heard stories of paranormal activity that has circulated throughout the years. The Pathology Museum still holds remnants of a questionable and dark past. Nici researched and compiled the definitive history of this institution, resulting in Fractured Intentions: A History of Central State Hospital for the Insane.

Time limitations only allowed Nici to just get started when it ended all too soon. The power-point was shut off and the conference room’s lights went on. The crowd dispersed, some walking quietly out while others lingered to talk to Nici, to purchase books and share their experiences. There was a faint chill in the air as Halloween approached.

For more information, contact Nici at unseenpress.com or find them on Facebook.