Haunts & Jaunts 5/28/15


The politics of ghost hunting.

By Rick Hinton

Ghosts in the mirror, or just a product of wishful thinking? It would seem that those involved in the paranormal (even armchair enthusiasts) can have their gullible moments.

There has been a rash of ghostly spectacles on the internet posted from impressionable fans that have tie-ins with ghost apps for the phone. What is most amazing…the buy-in—this is conclusive proof for the existence of ghostly shenanigans. Are we that stupid? Do we so desperately seek entertainment and consequently shut off our brains?

Friend Kenny Biddle believes in the possibility of the paranormal, yet at the same time recognizes ‘junk’ for what it is. There is a definite lack of advancement in the pursuit of paranormal realities. We are doing the same things over and over…and making the same mistakes. Groups have become mired in the mud.

   “Groups are stuck in a rut…and have been for several DECADES. Hell, over a   century. There is no “advancement” going on. The recent rut consists of the following:

  • Get permission (or not, as recent news reports) to a “haunted” location.
  • Set up a lot of gadgets that are believed, without any evidence, to work to capture and record something to do with ghosts (which again, no evidence to back up such an idea).
  • Turn all the lights out. Sit in the dark. Talk to the dark.
  • Review all recordings at a later time and assume everything you cannot explain absolutely must be that ghost of a little girl you read about.
  • Post it all, wait for praise. Delete and block questions, rational explanations, logic, reason, professional knowledge…evidence that refutes your claim, etc.”

Paranormal groups and/or individuals can do more harm than good. Clients—many without any religious affiliation or familiarity with what is suddenly happening to them— reach out for help, answers, validation…and instead receive the “official” wisdom and verdict of some noodle head who has received their ghost hunting diploma from the internet or television. They can be wrong, and don’t realize the long lasting ramifications of their words or actions. They leave and move on to other adventures while their befuddled clients are left behind in the same situation, with often inaccurate information to help them move forward. It’s a sad and scary state of affairs knowing this continues, and groups and individuals out there are more interested in making a name for themselves than actually working towards a reasonable explanation for what they do.

It is all a part of the politics of ghost hunting.