Happy Mother’s Day: May 14

Any day of the year is a great opportunity to tell your mother that you appreciate her and value her guidance. This year for Mother’s Day, students from Southside schools wrote essays about a special skill their mother has and why they value that skill. Apparently, we have a lot of good cooks on the Southside! Not many students neglected to mention their mother’s best cooking, their favorite dish their mother makes, or place they go to eat.

Congratulations to our winner Rose Eckhart of Saints Francis & Clare Catholic School, 1st Runner Up Fernanda Garcia of Southport 6th Grade Academy, and 2nd Runner Up Lal Eng Kima of Indianapolis Southside Christian Academy.

We received an overwhelming response this year. We would like to thank all of the teachers who helped in submitting entries, students for participating.

As we read these students’ letter, we hope it inspires others to think about what their own mother, or mother figure, does best. Happy Mother’s Day!

”What is one special skill your mom has? Why is this special? What are some examples of her using this skill?”


Dear mom,

Rose Eckhart

I really like it when you teach. I appreciate it because you are educating kids. I think it’s special because kids walk in with a frown and out with a smile.

I like when you teach English. Even though I’m not in middle school yet, and that’s what you teach, I see the kids when I walk in to tell you about my grades.

I also like when you teach middle school. I like it because you make the last few years of grade school very special! Nobody could have a better teacher than you!

– Rose Eckhart, grade 4, Saints Francis & Clare Catholic School


Dear mom,

You have many amazing skills, but I think the one that stands out the most is your ability to make me laugh or anyone laugh. This skill is special to me because whenever i’m sad or just bored you’re there to make me laugh. If I had to write about all the times you made me laugh or smile this letter would be too long so i’ll write about the other day when we went to the seafood restaurant. That was probably my favorite day of this week because you just made me laugh the whole time we were there. I’m surprised we didn’t get kicked out from being so loud.

Fernanda Garcia, age 11, Grade 6, Southport 6th Grade Academy


My mom is a very talented person. In my opinion, I think her cooking skills are the best. I always love her cooking. I feel so happy when she cooks for me. It’s as if she puts a piece of herself into her cooking. For example, whenever she is happy, her cooking is amazing. Then, if she is a little gloomy, her cooking isn’t that good. I can feel her feelings just by eating her cooking. She is always the one they pick to be the leader of the people who cook. Whenever we have parties, she cooks the food. She has to be my favorite cook. She is also a very loving and forgiving person, and that shows through in the cooking she does for others. I love my mom.

Lal Eng Kima, age 13, grade 7, Indianapolis Southside Christian Academy (ISCA)


My moms special skill is cooking. My favorit dish is her meat loaf. She uses a special recipe. I also, love her chicken. It is so good. She opens the skin and puts the seasoning in and outside. I love her lazana too. She lets me and my brother put promizon cheeze on it.

I love my mom very much, happy mothers day!

Aaliyah Hoagland, Grade 2, Homecroft Elementary

My Mom is the best mom in the hole world because when I’m sick she makes me tea and gives me medicine and thinks that I need when I’m sick. She always knows how to make me laugh and cheer me up. I play hockey and she cheers me on and to try my best. My mom is also special because she lets me have candy and ice cream when I’m not supost to be haveing it.

Bella Poynter, age 7, Grade 2, Isom Elementary

Dear Mom,

You help me with my room decorations. You cook me my lunch and dinner. You work hard to do that and I apreciat that. You wake me up to go to grandma’s house. You could be sleeping but you take the time to wake me up. You take the time out of your day to come watch me play baseball. I LOVE YOU MOM!

Kingston, Grade 3, Thompson Crossing Elementary, Franklin Township

My mother is a talented and good woman. She is always there for me when I need help. My mother is good at almost everything. She is good at singing, communicating with others, and she is smart. She gives advice right when I need it. She can speak four or five languages. She is good at a lot of things, but one of the best parts is, she can cook really good food. She is the best mother on earth. I’m lucky to be her son. 

Mapuia Chawngthu, age 12, Grade 6, Indianapolis Southside Christian Academy (ISCA)

Dear Mom,

     You have many special skills and admirable traits, but one that stands out to me is how hard you work. You go to work every morning and come home after work every night, exhausted. If you can, you take extra hours. I know it must be hard to work everyday, but you do it so that you can provide for Becca and me. Even when your day has gone bad or you just don’t feel like going to work, you still do it for us.

     Your trait is special because not everyone is as hardworking as you are. Some people always complain about their jobs, or always take vacation and sick days, but you don’t. You genuinely work hard and without complaints (mostly). Even though you don’t love your job, you push through it and do the work anyway. Most people can’t do what you do, which makes you amazingly unique and praiseworthy.

Rosie Smock, Grade 6, Southport 6th Grade Academy

Dear mom,

I really love that you help other people. I appreciate this because being a dentist is important. You are special because you help people with their teeth. You are keeping people’s teeth healthy. This is important because their teeth won’t hurt. People can eat. People want their teeth. You help me with my homework. You help me figure out math problems. You always check the work with me.

Benicio, Grade 4, Saints Francis & Clare

Dear Mom,

I now how much you love singing and danceing and haveing fun times together. I love when you bring funny stories home to share from work. I love when you cook Spaghetti and meatballs. I know you don’t think you are a good cook. But you are. I just want to say thank you for being my mom!

Elizabeth Metzger, age 8, Grade 2, Isom Elementary

Dear Mom,

… You don’t just listen, you give me life lessons too… One life lesson you taught me is, “Everyone thinks they’re perfect in their eyes. Even you think you’re perfect, but what you don’t see is the negative side of you. You just don’t want to see that side of you that you ignore it. No one is perfect.” I’ve heard this lesson before, but I never really UNDERSTOOD it. I’ll be sure to use this life lesson for the rest of my life. Thank you Mom.

Love You Always and Forever,

Tuchin Par, Grade 6, Southport 6th Grade Academy

Dear Mom,

You are the best mom ever!You always know when something is wrong and you love to dance! Plus you know all kinds of  cool hairstyles that look great on me. I swear the plants that you grow look better then all the other plants! You are really good at baking cupcakes. You have done everything for me for the past eight years and I can not thank you enough!

Olivia Rockey, grade 2, Isom Elementary

My mother is good at caring about other people. She cleans the house really well, so if we have a party, everyone feels welcome. She has dedicated her life to working with children, and making sure they’re well taken care of. She loves kids. She helps me make the right decisions. She also loves cooking. She is so generous, she loves to cook things to share with friends and church members. She pays for my field trips and other things I need. She plans fun vacations for our family, and pays for other family members to go so they can have fun, too! If everyone leaves me alone, she will always be the one who is there to stay with me. She is the world’s best mom, not only because of how much she loves me, but because of how much she loves everybody.

-Cierra Morton, age 11, grade 5, Indianapolis Southside Christian Academy

Dear Mom,

Mother’s day is coming up soon on the 14th of May and I just want to say, have a great day. You do many things like mothers do and they can all stay, but there’s one thing about you that stands out in the gray. I love the way you’re so caring even if I do something daring. Hurt myself somehow by that, you always have my back. Day after day and night after night, you give me a kiss and say it’s alright. Thank you for always being there and showing that you truly care.

Kierin Henderson, age 12, grade 6, Southport 6th Grade Academy

My mom’s “special” skill is taking care of me. I think if it wasn’t for her, I’d be dead. One time, when we lived in Malaysia, there was this tree. It was a mango tree, and I really loved the fruit from it. When I woke up, I asked my mom if I could go to it. She said no. I didn’t listen. I was really frustrated, and I decided to run away, and see the tree after all. I ended up falling in the middle of the road. My mom pulled me out of there before a car hit me. When I fell I was injured, and she patched me up. Another time, I was riding my bike and a piece of stone hit me. I fell off and got scratches all over my body. My mom helped me through that terrible mess. I’ve always felt so thankful to have a mom like her.

Mung Sian Hau, age 11, grade 5, Indianapolis Southside Christian Academy