Greenwood Airport to host ISP Aviation Fleet

The city of Greenwood and Indiana State Police (ISP) today announced an agreement in principal that calls for Indy South Greenwood Airport to host ISP’s Aviation Section fleet for a period of time that is part of an ongoing discussion. During its November meeting recently, the Greenwood Redevelopment Commission (RDC) approved funding for a new hangar housing the fleet, which will be built as part of the agreement.

“Indy South Greenwood Airport provides convenient and comfortable amenities for residents, visitors and business leaders across central Indiana,” said Greenwood Mayor Mark W. Myers. “We are proud to welcome the Indiana State Police Aviation Section to Greenwood and look forward serving as the home base for such a critical component of law enforcement services in Indiana.”

Both parties have agreed to an initial term sheet with final lease terms currently being discussed. Timing for the lease is expected to be a multiple year agreement that includes a newly built hangar with office space for the ISP Aviation personnel.

ISP officials decided on Indy South Greenwood Airport due to its close proximity to I-65 and centralized location providing convenient access to other parts of the state.

“A number of factors contributed to our decision to move forward in reaching an agreement with Greenwood,” said Doug Carter, Superintendent of the Indiana State Police. “Top of the list is this is an ideal location with nearly all the infrastructure in place to meet our operational needs to serve not only state police aviation needs, but the needs of our law enforcement partners across the state.”  Carter concluded, “Suffice it to say we are looking forward to our new aviation home and believe this is the beginning of a strong and enduring partnership with Greenwood and the airport.”

Indy South Greenwood Airport welcomes and services both local and transient aircraft, jets, pistons and turbines. It hosts two flight schools, aircraft rental services and two aircraft maintenance facilities, providing 24-hour customer service.

“Indy South Greenwood is an ideal hub for commercial and personal aviation in central Indiana,” said Scott Hines, president of the Greenwood Board of Aviation Commissioners. “We’ve seen tremendous momentum recently, and this agreement further strengthens the airport’s collection of diverse tenants. We’re also honored to help ISP serve and protect the great state of Indiana.” 

Construction of the new hangar is anticipated to begin once lease negotiations are finalized. ISP plans to move the fleet and begin operations in Greenwood soon after completion.