Green intolerance vs. white supremacy

By Wendell Fowler

Just as we’re not created to hate each other, we’re not created to hate plant foods… we were taught. Deeply-rooted eating behaviors are etched into our brain during our first seven years. Regrettably, a chronically ill society is bigoted toward God’s plant foods, preferring the company of white foods only.

But it’s not your fault. Nearly 50 percent of deaths in North America result from the disastrous Standard American Diet, which has shaped food traditions for nearly a century, according to the Journal of American Medical Association. You’ve been misled.

Recently, I watched a rotund man of the cloth zealously snarf biscuits asphyxiated in sausage gravy like someone was going to take it away from him; blissfully unconscious, he was trashing his sacred Temple. Say goodbye to “Dear Lord, bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies and us to Thy service.”

I grew up a preacher’s grandkid. After Sunday services, incongruous to the Word, the flock’s social life centered around gluttony: lacey buffet tables protesting the weight of platters of fried chicken, gravy, mac and cheese, smashed potatoes, potato salad, white rice, white bread, white rice, white cakes and iced cookies. White foods.

My advice doesn’t suggest cutting back on just these food ingredients, but the galaxy of products prepared from white food ingredients. Say buh-bye to unholy French fries, white bread, lard or shortening, marshmallows, instant hot cereals, Alfredo sauce, full-fat ice cream, half-and-half, Brie and Ranch. Both high fructose corn syrup and sugar fertilize cancer, raise cholesterol, cause obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Sugary beverages weaken immune response 33 percent. Salt overload increases risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart failure, kidney disease, diabetes, cataracts, brittle bones, asthma, dementia and early death. The American Heart Association says one teaspoon daily is fine. (Think Pink Himalayan.)

Alloxan in white bread used to turn white flour “clean and beautiful”; it actually destroys pancreatic beta cells, welcoming diabetes and damages the liver and kidneys. (International Review of Neurobiology, 2016). The toxicity of alloxan is common scientific knowledge but FDA allows companies to use it. Plus, dead white bread is pillaged of vitamins and minerals during processing. And Uncle Ben had good intentions, but instant rice equals sugar.

Some white foods are okay: brown rice, whole grains, sprouted beans, reduced-fat dairy, probiotic Kefir and fortified nut milks, organic tofu, cauliflower, mushrooms, legumes, white-fleshed fish, skinless chicken or turkey breast.

Renouncing white food supremacy can improve family health. Open your mind and heart to the kaleidoscope of God’s apothecary. Because we all need each other.

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