Grab a Slice

Dan Frost opens NY Slice on Madison Avenue, offering authentic, New York-style pizza

Dan Frost opened NY Slice on Madison Avenue in November. *Photos by Nicole Davis.

Having moved to Indianapolis from New York in 2002, Dan Frost knew what a good, New York-style pizza should taste like. He has worked hard to perfect the culinary art of making a thin crust, hand-tossed pizza taste just like his home city would enjoy.

After purchasing NY Slice and operating a food truck for a couple of years, he’s finally opened a retail location to serve pizza, breadsticks and more in Perry Township.

“I don’t believe in ego whatsoever. I will say our pizza is as authentic as possible because I know how it should be,” Frost said. “However, I will not say our pizza is the best. I’ll let our customers say that. My success is driven by the customers, not the cash register.”

NY Slice serves pizza, calzones, salads, sandwiches, breadsticks and desserts. Pizzas come in large, 16 and 20-inch sizes. Everything is made fresh and to-order. While Frost takes pride in a comfortable atmosphere for his Madison Avenue shop, the business has partnered with Uber Eats for those who would prefer delivery.

Why did you open this business?

I was born and raised in New York. I started NY Pizza in Indianapolis back in 2002. I got involved in NY Slice a couple of years ago. It’s a good food, a comfort food. It draws everyone, more or less, everyone will eat pizza. As a chef by trade, I’ve steered toward pizza as opposed to all of the fancy country clubs, because it’s good to meet all different types of people and know I can make them happy with some authentic product.

Frost prepares a pizza to display for a photo in the NY Slice kitchen.

What did you do to prepare for opening your business?

When I took on the business, the original location was on 10th street. I only utilized that as a commissary kitchen for the food trucks. I wanted to move down this way where there’s more traffic and more families. I’ve had this place about seven months now and just recently opened.

Who is your ideal customer/client?

It’s such a vast demographic. Children love pizza. We had two gentlemen in here the other day that are veterans but also from from New York. They were going to be extremely hard critics on me. That’s why I steered toward pizza, because through my career, I’ve seen a lot of levels of cuisines: country clubs, been a private chef. That gets all streamlined and it’s a certain demographic. Here, you get to know everyone.

How do you plan to be successful?

Doing what my family has done their whole life: give great food and treat everyone like family. You get to know people a lot more personally, you know their tastes. It’s about making people feel comfortable, not just here’s your food and out the door. As soon as you step in the door, you become family.

What would we be surprised to learn about you or your company?

One thing with all of my businesses that I’ve heard is that it resembles a a positive way, a corporate-style ambiance when you walk in. In other words, it looks professional. However, when you get in, the independent part comes out. People become comfortable. People want to sit and chat.

NY Slice

5564 Madison Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46227

(317) 744-9375