Gov’t: Beech Grove, Greenwood Council June 5

Beech Grove City Council

Meeting, June 5

What happened? Ordinance #4 was approved on third reading, Ordinance #5, 6 and 7 were approved on first reading.

What it means: Ordinance #4 updates park rules and regulations.

Ordinance #5 is additional appropriation for the Churchman Avenue sidewalk project in the amount of $215,000.

Ordinance # 6 would allow open burning with some safety regulations. “If it’s done in a safe manner, which most people will, I think there should be some rules around it,” said Councilor Vito Mascari who sponsored the ordinance. Fire pits should be six inches in depth, surrounded by cement blocks or bricks with six inches in height.

Ordinance #7 alters the rule on poultry. Resident have expressed a desire to raise chickens. The current ordinance says no poultry. City County ordinance allows 12 chickens with one rooster. This ordinance says no roosters and maximum six hens.

What’s next? Ordinance 4 goes into effect. The remaining ordinances will undergo second reading at the July 10 council meeting.

In brief…

Huffman, Swartz

– Beech Grove Police Chief Mark Swartz presented an accommodation to Officer Lee Huffman for his act of courage and bravery. On March 11, Officer Huffman saved lives from an apartment fire by waking them up to get them out of the house.

-The Beech Grove Fire Department presented its needs they will have in the coming year. The department is looking to replace its air packs, radios, turnout gear, cots for the ambulance and more. The air packs, breathing apparatus, are past the recommended replacement date. It will cost $223,000 to outfit the department. The radios are also at the end of their life. Motorola will no longer produce parts or offer replacement. The personal radios alone cost $5,200 a piece and the department will need 25. The automatic cots are designed to not flip and be easier on the paramedics to lift. The total requested amount is upwards of $700,000. Clerk/Treasurer Dan McMillan said that it will not be possible to grant this entire amount. The fire dept. is looking into grant funding for the air packs.

Greenwood Common Council

Meeting, June 5

Compiled by Beth Wade

What happened: 7-29 was introduced to the council

What it means: Ordinance 17-29 seeks to amend the Municipal Code regulating the parking of boats, boat trailers, campers, travel trailers, recreational vehicles, and commercial vehicles on residential property to clarify the waiver process. The Board of Public Works and Safety may consider (1) the physical characteristics of the property (2) property size and spacing between homes, (3) the amount of time specified, (4) whether the arrangement existed before the ordinance, (5) safety and visibility concerns, (6) the condition of the item in question, and (7) the surface on which the object will be parked when granting waivers to residents.

What’s next: Ordinance 17-29 will go before the council for its first reading at the June 19th meeting.