Go from SAD to glad!

By Wendell Fowler

No way Americans can get the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to live long and prosper. Hark! There’s a heartening shift occurring in an awakening America’s collective food consciousness. Beautiful souls, who for a lifetime blindly trusted everything on the grocer’s shelf, have read the Journal of the American Medical Association to discover the woefully, uneducated Standard American Diet causes death from the diseases it was touted to prevent. Folks are fleeing GMO produce, Round-up in their cereal, un-Godly artificial, manmade food-like substances and reconnecting to earth’s sacred apothecary.

The SAD has inflicted diseases into our perfect world. It’s high in animal fats, saturated, hydrogenated and trans fats, devitalized processed carbs, little fiber and squat in vitamin-packed, plant-based choices. Alas, politics and lobbyists rather than moral science has been shaping our dietary advice all the way back to the Founding Fathers.

The prejudiced, super-sized SAD promotes cooked-to-oblivion, unhealthy processed foods made with unholy toxic ingredients that trash overall temple health and well-being while intensifying risk for chronic disease, a weak immune system and packing on excess weight.

Conversely, eating undercooked or living raw fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds dates back to the dawn of man. Raw foods, not meat, posses vital digestive enzymes and basic nutrients but cooking any food above 116 degrees starts destroying its life force and nutrition. Enzymes’ powerful life force helps digest food completely, transforming and storing energy. Truth is, the less you do to a food, the more that food will do for you.

The popularity of the Daniel Plan is founded upon eating raw, unprocessed foods from the verdant garden, not a fiendish alchemist grafting the hand of creation. Rawists consume unprocessed, organic non-GMO, high energy, plant-based foods of which at least 75 percent should be uncooked. Eating raw reduces the need for the temple to produce its own digestive enzymes, freeing up energy to preform healing, cell repair and rejuvenation and to fighting off foreign interlopers. Eating more living foods reboots body, mind, spirit and reverses lingering health problems.

With educated food choices, the holy temple will thrive and awaken the “healer within”. Countless souls have overcome chronic disease and suffering to experience the vibrant, glowing health and peace they deserve. Many say they’re rewarded with a closer walk with God.  Love your unique, beautiful self and end the needless suffering. Occasionally you may even lean toward sunlight. Time to wake up, sleepy heads. You are a miracle.