Get your spooky on at Nightmare on Edgewood, Indiana’s longest-running haunted attraction opens for its 43rd year

By Jacob Musselman

Attraction-goers get scared during their walkthrough. (Photos courtesy of Nightmare on Edgewood)

Nightmare on Edgewood officially opened its doors in September. The Halloween attraction has been a staple on the Southside for the last 43 years. This year, the attraction comes back with even more square footage of scariness. 

Established in 1978, this season marks Nightmare on Edgewood’s 43rd year in operation. The Cook brothers acquired the haunt in 2009 and continue to uphold its reputation as Indy’s Most Intense Haunted House. Nearly 50 volunteer actors bring Nightmare on Edgewood to life each season, while an additional 12-15 staff (including volunteers from the Greenwood Fire Department) assist with parking, ticket sales, and general maintenance and management of the haunt.

Admission to Nightmare on Edgewood is $25, which gains entrance into the Edgewood Sanitarium, House of Trepidation and Conley Farm.

The stories behind each attraction:

  • Edgewood Sanitarium

The Sanitarium closed 40 years ago after an undercover journalist exposed the inhumane practices of patients. It’s said that the victims of those malpractices still walk the halls of the vacant hospital to this day.

  • House of Trepidation

The ancient mansion (once inhabited by the late, great Dr. Eugene Belle and his wife Elizabeth) is an Indianapolis historical legend. Initially the site of Belle’s bizarre medical experiments, the house was later home to a number of violent psychopaths and their unfortunate victims.

  • Conley Farm

Despite repeated warnings and citations from the FDA, Papa Conley kept right on using those deadly pesticides and fertilizer in his fields. Now all the farmhands (and some of the livestock) have developed weird disfigurements and are going mad from the chemicals. Try to stay calm and blend in as you navigate through our dilapidated barnyard and stable.

Nightmare on Edgewood is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays till Nov. 6. Gates and ticket booths open at 6:30 p.m, the haunts open at 7 p.m.