Get to know changes to health insurance before open enrollment

While working for one of the leading health insurance agencies in the nation for the past five years, I have seen some major changes in the health insurance market. We are at a point in history that many people are searching for ways to find affordable health insurance and in some counties there may only be one choice.  One of the options that could be considered is a Health Sharing program as an alternative to the traditional health insurance choices. These plans are exempt from the tax penalty and provide a viable alternative to many consumers who can’t find a traditional health plan that will help them utilize their hospitals as well as doctors. With open enrollment just around the corner we are about to embark on yet another year of the ACA under 65 individual market space.

Another option for the self-employed is turning to small group insurance. To be considered a small employer group you only need a minimum of two full time employees and can have up to fifty. I am seeing more and more people taking the small employer group coverage option as it could turn out to be a better financial move for many employers. It also helps retain employees and in many cases gives them more robust coverage.

Danna Green is a licensed insurance agent with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency. For more information or a no-obligation quote, she can be reached at (317) 430-7094 or Visit  www.healthmarkets/ for more information.