Franklin Township Historical Society re-releases book about Acton

By Franklin Township Historical Society

After years of requests for copies, the previously out-of-print book My Home Town: A History of Acton Indiana 1852-1994 is being re-released in a new edition this month by the Franklin Township Historical Society.

“The book was initially released 26 years ago,” said Historical Society president Nancy VanArendonk, “and has been sold out for years. We’ve repeatedly gotten requests for it.”

The 260-page book about Acton tells of the start of the town (which was originally named Farmersville) and of its organizations, churches, schools, businesses and family histories. The book also includes material on actress Marjorie Main, best known as Ma Kettle in the series of the popular Ma & Pa Kettle films, who was born in Acton.

Larry VanArendonk (pictured) corrected some minor things from the original and clarified
information during months of prep work. (Submitted photo)

The book includes some personal reminiscences and fun stories as well, such as the time a horse waiting to be shod got startled while at an Acton blacksmith shop and jumped through an open window, getting hung up halfway through. The blacksmith simply left the horse standing half-in, half-out while he finished the shoeing process.

“The new edition of the book sells for $10, half the price of the original release, and is in a much nicer binding,” VanArendonk said. Months of prep work for the release corrected some minor things and clarified information.

The book can be purchased locally directly from the Franklin Township Historical Society by emailing, or can be ordered online at the Society’s website,, or can be purchased at

For those who came to the Meeting House after books were sold out, the Historical Society will deliver a book them. Please email