Former Center Grove resident saves a drowning man near Mucky Duck Pub

By Amy Moshier

Sometimes things happen and we don’t know why. And sometimes we have to accept that that doesn’t matter and that thought needs to be thrown out the window. Travis Kinsey, who attended Center Grove High School, and his brother Lucas found themselves in such a situation much like this one night recently while dining at Mucky Duck Pub in Southport.

The brothers were relaxing and socializing when they suddenly saw a car with its tail lights on in the pond by the restaurant. Travis ran out immediately and his brother followed. “Nothing particularly came to mind,” he said. “I just started running and jumped into the pond.” What followed was him saving the life of the driver of the car. Travis was able to pull the driver through the window of his car. “I was super emotional when I finally got him to shore, knowing he would be able to live to see another day,” Travis said.

Travis Kinsey. (Submitted photo)

Lucas, home from the Army on leave, followed his brother and was ready to help if necessary. “He followed me out to make sure I was OK and didn’t need any assistance,” Travis said. No one knows how the car got into the pond. Mucky Duck Bar is a favorite spot to relax and socialize, said Kinsey, who loves to work on cars and ride motorcycles.

Travis’s father Don said he is proud of his son. “He’s a heck of a young man,” Don said.

Kasey Kehl, the general manager at Mucky Duck, had the same observations about the incident. “Nobody knows what happened,” Kehl said. “I just know suddenly there was a car in the lake.”

Travis, 21, attended Center Grove High School. He loves to work on cars and ride motorcycles. His future plans include either becoming a nurse or an auto mechanic.