Fertilize yourself lately?

Everybody understands the wisdom of fertilizing gardens so they’ll grow, bud and flower into abundance. Humans are no different. Without nourishment we get sick, whither and return to the earth; perish from a lack of what life requires.

I regularly fertilize my plants with rapid grow, coffee grounds and egg shells because they need specific nutrients to thrive. Three days ago, I showered Epsom salt onto my tomatoes. Today I see a flourish of new flowers that will yield summertime deliciousness.

In our Western world, we are 3rd world malnourished. Sure, food is abundant. We consume more than any nation, but today’s soulless food is DOA. The industrial-strength Western diet robs us of nutrition, as foods are abnormally manipulated to remove critical nutrients and replaced with unholy manmade chemical substitutes your cells cannot use. The constant, excessive consumption of addictive sugar, salt and fat in these dead foods, distorts our sense of taste, keeping us coming back for more, more and more. Pretty insane actually.

Eating dead foods isn’t the only force behind our nationwide plague of nutrient deficiencies: booze depletes vitamins B & C, most minerals and antioxidants, allergies and infections deplete vitamins A, C, and zinc, air pollutants and aerosol toxins diminish antioxidants, smoking reduces antioxidants, and stress depletes all nutrients, especially vitamins B and C.

The unhealthy Standard American Diet (JAMA) has replaced God’s fresh organic fruits and vegetables with genetically modified franken food, refined carbs and other chemically processed food twaddle. In reality, Americans are eating food lacking ‘human’ fertilizer’: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients, fiber, and macro-nutrients.

Taking supplements instead of eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient-rich foods is encouraged, but not the solution. There are a lot of bogus vitamins out there so do your homework. Sandi and I take food-based multivitamins and Juice Plus.

From A to Z, vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients the temple needs, despite campaigns by pharma and the FDA to downplay and make you question their value. 

Rethink your strategy and enjoy the awe-inspiring wonder of God’s garden. Educate yourself about the nutrients your temple needs on a daily basis. Maybe actually plants are farming us, giving us oxygen until we eventually decompose and they can consume us. However, there’s no substitute for a healthy diet. God’s apothecary is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants: human fertilizer. Fertilize yourself to become the beautiful soul you were created to be.