Farmers Markets: the best medicine

Farmers Markets: the best medicine

There’s something incomparable about the energy of a community farmers market: friends and neighbors in mutually-pleasing conversation, while shopping dozens of local vendors which sell fresh-harvested produce, compassionately-raised animals, cheese and artisan crafts. Corporate food production has bullied the family farm, the backbone of America. Supporting your farming economy supports family health while helping smaller farmers succeed.

Local family farms are making a strong comeback as sick, fat, unfulfilled Americans awaken from their sleep, realizing plant foods from the Celestial Apothecary are the secret to a better, healthier version of themselves. Growing food and supporting local farmers markets are karmic ways to serve Mother Earth while obtaining the freshest, most nourishing, vitamin-packed, health-creating produce.

Traveling about America, I’ve attended many charming markets that conjure up a comforting antique feeling of simpler times. The common thread: honest, enthusiastic, dedicated connection to earth’s bounty, a palpable dedication to the family farming community, and passion for all things local-a locavore mentality? (Locavores primarily eat food from 100 miles from where they stand, desirably, the family farm. Locavores buy local to create a greater connection between themselves and their food sources, and to resist industrialize and processed foods.) Many awakened souls claim eating local can be spiritually grounding due to purity and higher vibrational energy of eating closer to earth. Plus, farmers markets require less transport, handling, refrigeration and less time in storage- a magical, ecological win-win.

Friends, it doesn’t get any better than working with and eating juicy, ripe, freshly-picked, in-season produce at its peak flavor, bursting with sun-kissed nutrition. For the holiest of nutrition and health benefits, focus on whole, unprocessed foods, organic fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meats, local dairy, herbs, nuts, seeds from sustainable sources. Watch in awe the variety change in harmony with growing seasons; like when stone fruit, blue, red and blackberries, apples, pumpkins and cider begin to appear.

Please support your community markets frequently until they close in fall. Outdoor markets aren’t something to hit and run. Goodness sakes slow down and plan to stay. There’s so much to see, hear, smell, taste and purchase-a brilliant way to spend an afternoon reconnecting with family and community.

For a happy, fulfilling, healthy life, keep your friends close and your farmers market closer. Smile and shake the compost-slinging hand of the person who nurtured the food you’re about to eat and thank them.