Energy / Protein bars: smart shopping

Are energy and protein bar meal-replacements good or bad? Many energy bars marketed as healthy are too much like candy: fiber and soy protein enrobed in chocolate skin. Wake up and read the labels! Don’t sleep-walk through the grocery. Smart shopping becomes a focused meditation where you can no longer blindly trust the label.

Sure, Twinkies give energy. Energy bars give energy. That’s because they provide calories.  But are they quality calories? I dare you to prove to me that HFCS, high fructose corn syrup, genetically modified soy protein, sugar, and artificial flavors can advance you to greater version of beautiful yourself. It’s insane I tell you, but it is quite real.  Alas, millions are squandered on disinformation rather than education.

I’ve been threatened by the American Corn Refiners Association for speaking the scientific truths about the proven health dangers of HFCS sweetening your Mountain Dew. When I got too close to the truth, they contacted my editors and tried to get me fired. The food industry works aggressively to discredit its critics. According to the 2008 JAMA article, the Center for Consumer Freedom boasts that “[our strategy] is to shoot the messenger. We’ve got to attack [activists’] credibility as spokespersons.” On its website, the group calls Nestle one of America’s most hysterical anti-food fanatics. The president of Nestle claimed he was not concerned with nutrition… only flavor. So what’s that tell you? Trust? I think not. The truth will set you free.

One of the first things I look for on the ingredient label is to make sure there’s no soy protein isolate – soy’s heavily processed stepchild. Instead of soy protein, seek brands that use brown rice, hemp, pea, whey, or various nut and seed proteins.

Sugar and HFCS are unholy poison to your temple chemistry. So are manmade Splenda, Nutra-sweet (aspartame-amino sweet), Sweet n’ Low (Coal Tar) acesulfame potassium (a.k.a acesulfame K), or any other artificial sweeteners. Look for honey, stevia or xylitol. Look for whole grains, nuts and seeds, fiber and vitamins.

It’s happening so slowly you don’t really notice and misguidedly perceive all this as the norm, but patriotic American’s are being gradually poisoned by the greed and immorality that generously seasons our food supply. Freeing yourself from the bondage of today’s machine cuisine and reconnecting to earth via meditative, educated shopping, cooking and eating from God’s celestial apothecary will add a sweet beautiful depth to your life you’ve ever experienced before, if you read labels that is.