Dosing down: overcoming sugar addiction

By Wendell Fowler

We’ve been warned about sugar but what are we doing about it? I hope by now you’re dosing down the cruddy crap. Mountains of science reveal we eat too much of the destructive, albeit socialized, refined carb. Sure, the temple needs glucose to function but Americans consume processed sugar by the kilo. The average adult eats an astonishing 130 pounds annually. That’s 13 10-pound bags.

Studies harmonize with what I’ve been preaching: sugar lowers your vibe and incubates inflammation, heart disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and misery.

Eat three meals and two wholesome snacks or five small plant-based meals a day. The typical breakfast of biscuits and gravy, Pop-Tarts, sugary cereals or Cinnabon’s are self-destructive, unhealthy choices; plus, you’ll have cravings all day. If you eat irregularly, blood sugar levels drop and you’ll feel hungry and crave sugary snacks. Sometimes drinking water, not Diet Coke, diminishes cravings. Remember: refined carbohydrates like whole wheat, bagels, instant white rice and oatmeal and pasta are highly refined and should be avoided. We prefer Ezekiel bread.

With each meal, include clean protein, dietary fiber and healthy fats that help control blood sugar levels. Vitamin deficiencies intensify cravings. Take a food-based multivitamin and a mineral supplement, such as omega 3 essential fatty acids, vitamin D3, sublingual B-12 and raw apple cider vinegar. Certain plant nutrients improve blood sugar control, including chromium, vitamin B3 and magnesium. Exercise, dance, do yoga to reduce tension, boost energy and decrease your sugar jones. Explore your emotional attachment to addiction. the craving could be an emotional need. Don’t bring temptation home or to the office. Can’t nosh on things that aren’t there!

Craving it? Avoid unholy Splenda, NutraSweet or Sweet‘n Low that do little to satisfy your sweet craving. If you require a sweetener, try SweetLeaf brand Stevia, not Stevia in the Raw, however. (Read the deceptive label.)

Eat a Medjool date, a spoonful of raw honey or real maple syrup, or a juicy piece of seasonal fruit and then go outdoors for a walk with Mother Nature. Fruits and vegetables usually present no metabolic problems for a normal temple. Cravings last about 10-20 minutes. If you distract yourself with something it often passes.

The closer a food is to God’s earth the less sugar it contains. The more you practice this behavior, the easier it gets to dose down. Sugar is sweet and candy is dandy but more so the ambrosia of health and happiness.