Developmental Duo

New athletic facility in Franklin Township houses The Basketball Company and The Gymnastics Company

Mike Miller will direct individualized and team programs at The Basketball Company in Franklin Township.

As construction concludes on the Southside’s newest athletic facility, The Basketball Company is already signing up new players of all ages for its travel teams and offering a customized, developmental training program for ages 3 to 18.

Mike Miller, the director, is originally from Lafayette, Ind. He played basketball in high school and started coaching the sport out of college. He was assistant head coach at Southern Illinois University before moving to the high school level. He has spent the last 29 years as a varsity head coach, for both boys and girls, at high schools throughout Indiana and will retire this year as an educator at Greensburg High School. Through the years, he has also coached travel and AAU basketball and been involved in a number of developmental programs.

Two years ago he decided to retire from the varsity coaching and focus in individual instruction and player development, primarily on the Southeast side of Indianapolis. While doing that, he was connected with The Gymnastics Company owners, Tony and Kim Dykes.

“Tony has had The Gymnastics Company for 17 years,” Miller said. “He wanted to combine his two gyms into one big gym. We started talking and decided I would give up my business and direct basketball for him.”

The two businesses will share the athletic facility on Franklin Road. The Basketball Company has two full courts and will have 12 to 15 paid, professional coaches on staff. The Gymnastics Company has 25-plus instructors. The building will have a pro shop and concession. There are plans to expand once the businesses have settled into the new building and grown in clientele.

Why did you open this business?

Tony wanted to combine his two gymnasiums into one. He wanted to host gymnastics meets here. I wanted to be involved in it because it’s a chance for us to develop a, hopefully, world-class teaching facility for basketball. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do through all of my years of coaching. I even looked at building my own gym, but it was too much. Fortunately, Tony and I got connected and here we are.

What did you do to prepare for opening your business?

Right now, we’re wading through all of the things that need to happen for this building to get finished. From a basketball standpoint, we already have travel teams formed. We have about 100 clients right now and are looking to add more. We formed teams. Those teams are practicing already. We already started with the instruction part of it. I’ve done things to set up future tournaments that we will host, instructional and developmental programs.

Who is your ideal customer/client?

Enthusiastic, wants to do what it takes to learn basketball from the ground up and anyone who has an interest or desire to see how much better they can get as a basketball player. We have all kinds of programs, a standard program and then we individualize for each kid to get them to the next level.

How do you plan to be successful?

We’re going to try to be a full service basketball facility. We’re going to really focus on individualizing programs, listening to and communicating with both the kids and the parents on what exactly they need and what we want to give them. Seeing results and having people recognize that we are going to be able help their son or daughter move to that next level and get better as a player. We will serve people in every aspect that we can. We will have camps, clinics, we will bring in other coaches to have a lot of perspectives for kids to learn from. We’re going to have adult leagues.

What would we be surprised to learn about you or your company?

We are eventually going to add volleyball, too. Through his gymnastics, Tony has had a lot of interest in volleyball.

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