Deadly disease linked to poor food choices

Deadly disease linked to poor food choices

It’s no fun being right. For the last two decades after my healing miracle, it’s been my life’s purpose to warn folks about the American diet. I’ve received merciless ridicule from hordes of meat and potato folks who rebuked, “This would never happen in America. Aw, you’re one of those paranoid conspiracy whackos.”’ Well friends, as it turns out, I take no pleasure affirming I was right. It’s quite insane actually, but capitalism is bad for your health: the genesis of greed that distracts us from the truth that Christ said would set us free.

A new study in JAMA found that a poor diet high in sodium (salt), processed meats (bacon and deli meats), sugar-sweetened beverages and unprocessed red meats is responsible for an bewildering 45 percent of all deaths from heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, and are due to poor diet in the US. The study funded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute reports nearly half of all US deaths in 2012 were caused by poor diet, overconsumption of unhealthy junk foods combined with a low consumption of highly nutritious, fresh food from the garden. Americans have been discouraged to eat fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grains, polyunsaturated fats and seafood rich in Omega 3. Instead, you’ve been encouraged to eat meat, gravy, fried whatever, “Poop Tarts”, and soulless, machine cuisine. Do not rise to anger, rather send them love. My heart is uplifted as I present my Eat Right Now program. I’m seeing a consistent awakening, a reconnection with mother earth.

Why did we ever believe that it was a good idea to graft the hand of god and grow our food in poisons? To process and obliterate vitamins and minerals provided by God to nourish each and every cell of your Holy Temple. Only thing that got healthy was the Big Foods profits. As Cyndi Lauper sung, “Money changes everything.”

I cannot comprehend this unholy behavior. What about the greater good? For our white light to shine through this era of darkness and fear, we must love ourselves more by eating closer to earth, not a factory. Ronald Reagan said, “All great things in America, begin at the dinner table.”

You must forgive yourself for disbelieving, the Standard American Diet (SAD) is slowly killing us while raising healthcare cost to astronomical levels. You did nothing wrong and were given prejudiced information.