Dancing for support

Perry Senior Services brings seniors together to shoot a dance video

By Erica Faunce

Dana helps citizens off the truck for video opening

June 9, a Friday morning, Perry Senior Services hosted a short dance for members of the community age 60 and up. About two dozen senior citizens arrived at Southport High School’s football stadium to participate in the dance. The event was recorded by a professional videographer.

Peggy Bryson, executive director of Perry Senior Services, said that the nonprofit’s main

goal is to keep seniors healthy and independent as long as possible. Bryson and a team of 70

volunteers help provide meals and medical transportation for senior citizens in the Perry

Township area.

Lauren and Ariana lead the dance.

“Seniors are your parents, your grandparents,” Bryson said. “They may not be the cute little kids and little red wagons, but they’re certainly a big segment of our society. We just need to spend more time and more services for the seniors.”

Outings such as this dance help seniors stay active.

“This really touches my heart to see some people that have a very difficult time just moving, trying to come out and do a little dance and have fun,” Bryson said.

Once the video is put together, Bryson plans to submit it to Senior Guide for a possible prize, in order to further support the needs of senior citizens. The video will also be sent to Ellen Degeneres, in hopes of wider exposure for the organization.