Crime has no address

We have had a bad week in our city, but that doesn’t mean we are a bad city. As you can visually see much improvement has been made in our city and there is much more to come. The rash of residential break in’s that occurred last week are not typical. These types of crimes run in stages and fortunately for us, our police department responded appropriately and have arrested at least two people who may be tied to these crimes.

The use of deadly force by our local police department to mitigate an incident was very unfortunate for both our police, the gentleman involved and those who resided in the neighborhood. We won’t know all of the perimeters until the investigation is complete. My thoughts go out to the gentleman involved, his family and our local police department. Please keep in mind that this isn’t a crime. It was an action taken to possibly prevent other public safety emergencies.

The Walmart matter is very unfortunate and I believe it has put the city and all of us in a very poor light. Walmart has presented us issues with public safety as a city since their doors first opened and continue as this letter was prepared. Sometimes we are placed in a bad light by situations that are out of our control and by people that have no association with our city other than they came in to our city to conduct their business.

We all can be victims of crime at any time so all of us must remain vigilant and pay attention to what is going on around us. We aren’t like we were 20 years ago but neither is any city as society has certainly changed. If you see something, say something.



Dennis B. Buckley


City of Beech Grove