City of Beech Grove receives $1 million for roundabout at Churchman and Perkins avenues

By Angela Norris

Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley has announced plans for a new roundabout, to be located at Churchman and Perkins avenues in Beech Grove.

Buckley received a check for over $1 million from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization, presented by Executive Director Anne Gremling, on June 13. The roundabout, made possible by a federal grant, will be built in the shape of a peanut. Officials say that they hope to have the project completed by July 2022.

“I am pleased today to announce that we are awarding some funding to Beech Grove to fix the intersection behind me,” Gremling said, “I know firsthand about the crashes that occur there. When the mayor was showing me the intersection, not only was there a crash being cleaned up when we approached the intersection, but we nearly got into an accident ourselves, so I think we can attest to the need for the intersection to be safer for the residents.”

Anne Gremling of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization presented a $1 million check to Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley to build a roundabout located at Churchman and Perkins avenues in Beech Grove. (Photo by Angela Norris)

Buckley and Gremling said they believe the completion of this project will save lives.

“This project scored the highest of all projects in its category.” Buckley said. “I grew up about five houses down that way (pointing down the road) on the north side of the street and I can remember being outside and playing and hearing crashes down here on this corner. This is long overdue. We have several projects that are going on throughout Beech Grove and the MPO has been very gracious and they’re very strict on their scoring, but we’ve been very fortunate. This is a project that I am looking forward to not only as mayor but as a citizen of Beech Grove. This is our federal tax dollars coming back to Beech Grove and working for us.”

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