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Andrew Angle

Getting the Scoop on Bitcoin

January 4, 2018 Andrew Angle

By now you have heard the words “Bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency”. Relatively few people know what it is. Far fewer actually own some. This article cannot tell you everything there is to know about the subject. […]


Happy Mother’s Day: May 14

May 11, 2017 Nicole Davis

Any day of the year is a great opportunity to tell your mother that you appreciate her and value her guidance. This year for Mother’s Day, students from Southside schools wrote essays about a special […]

Readers’ Writes

A busy week for Beech Grove

November 16, 2016 The Southside Times

A busy week for Beech Grove     I would like to pass on some important information concerning our beautiful city and events that are set to take place over the next week or so. […]


Meth Criminals: You’re Not Welcome Here

August 1, 2016 The Southside Times

By State Rep. Dave Frizzell (R-Indianapolis), represents a portion of Marion and Johnson counties. Blocking meth offenders from purchasing cold and allergy medicine containing pseudoephedrine strengthens an already powerful system known as NPLEx –  National Precursor Log […]


My Karachi Pakistan adventure

November 19, 2015 Nicole Davis

By Amy Lee Rotary Club of Greenwood Have you ever been afraid to go somewhere because of the unknown? I was very fearful to go to Karachi, Pakistan for a Polio National Immunization Day in November 2015. […]