A hidden Southside gem

December 20, 2018 swan

By Stephanie Dolan Every neighborhood has a hidden gem; the one thing that makes that area unique and that allows its residents to gather together. Some of these treasures are more well-known than others. Some […]


The Indianapolis Poltergeist: Conclusion

December 17, 2018 swan

By Rick Hinton When Renate Beck moved her mother and daughter into a house on North Delaware Street in 1962, I’m sure she anticipated a few glitches along the way. There’s always painting, plumbing or […]


The Indianapolis Poltergeist: Part I

December 12, 2018 swan

By Rick Hinton They say there’s more than corn in Indiana. I find that to be true. There’s diversity everywhere you look, city or statewide: whether it be industry, civic developments, sports or just plain […]


A death in Cumberland: Part II

November 21, 2018 swan

By Rick Hinton Tom Settle’s sister, Marlene, remembers the day he was born. She continues to carry that memory, with the logic and reasoning of a 4-year-old. “I wanted a sister! Grandma said maybe we’ll […]