Starting over

January 26, 2023 SST

By Todd Travis Everything is gone On Thursday, Jan. 12, Southside resident Turquoise Burgess returned to her neighborhood to find a shocking scene before her eyes. Firetrucks and emergency vehicles were outside along with other […]


Living a childhood dream

January 19, 2023 SST

By Sherri Coner Some people never find their happy place. But Center Grove resident, Terry Locke, is definitely not one of those people. Imagine Cinderella twirling in front of her castle, Mickey and Minnie Mouse […]


More than just a friend

January 12, 2023 SST

By Todd Travis Dogs have long been known to be “man’s best friend.” Aspen, a purebred miniature husky owned by Southside resident Steven Litz, takes it a step further and becomes a shining light to […]


Whalen’s Heroes

November 17, 2022 SST

By Todd Travis Inspiration to help A single moment can begin a domino effect that creates lasting change. For Dawn Whalen, founder of Whalen’s Heroes, that moment came in May of this year while she […]


How can your neighborhood association benefit you?

November 3, 2022 SST

By Todd Travis A City of Neighborhoods “We often say that Indianapolis is a city of neighborhoods,” says Linda Adams, Community Wellness coordinator, Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service. “In Indianapolis, the neighborhoods are really important […]


A pioneer in women’s athletics is honored

September 22, 2022 SST

By Todd Travis An early love for athletics and teaching Dr. Sue Willey was involved in athletics long before Title IX was around. She grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where she developed a love […]


Doubling down

September 15, 2022 SST

By Nicole Davis For the past six years, Dirk Cushing has biked an average of 600 miles in the month of September (previously June) for the Great Cycle Challenge, a fundraiser benefiting the Children’s Cancer […]


Salute to our Southside Heroes

September 8, 2022 SST

Compiled by Nancy Hammerstrom and Nicole Davis Heroes are those who make a difference in their communities. They inspire and encourage others. They implement change for the greater good. They persevere, despite the uphill challenges. […]