Adam Staten

Weekly Movie Review: Darkest Hour

December 14, 2017 Adam Staten

Darkest Hour: Superb performance, terrific film Throughout history there have been men and women whose decisions have shaped our world. Typically, these individuals are faced with a difficult set of circumstances, forced into situations that […]

Adam Staten

Weekly Movie Review: Lady Bird

December 7, 2017 Wendell Fowler

Lady Bird: Terrific film with two outstanding performances Growing up can be a difficult, especially during the high school years. Teenagers generally want nothing more than to fit in and find acceptance amongst their peers. […]

Adam Staten

Weekly Movie Review: Wonder

November 30, 2017 Adam Staten

Wonder: touching, feel good film Whoever said too much of a good thing is bad, is flat out wrong. For instance, can anyone make a compelling argument why you wouldn’t want more vacation days? How […]

Adam Staten

Weekly Movie Review: Justice League

November 22, 2017 Adam Staten

Justice League: Fun, action-packed film As profitable as the Marvel films have been, DC Comics haven’t experienced the same level of box office success. It’s essentially a guarantee that whenever any film with the Marvel […]

Adam Staten

Weekly Movie Review: Thor: Ragnarok

November 9, 2017 Adam Staten

Thor: Ragnarok: Weak story, unnecessary film For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention for the last 15 years, superhero films are extremely lucrative, especially if you slap the Marvel logo across it. Fan boys, (and […]

Adam Staten

Weekly Movie Review: Only the Brave

October 26, 2017 Adam Staten

Only the Brave: Well-acted, well-written tearjerker Firefighters are obviously comprised of a special group of men and women. When most are running away from a burning building, firefighters run towards the engulfed structure. They commonly […]

Adam Staten

Weekly Movie Review: Happy Death Day

October 19, 2017 Adam Staten

Happy Death Day; terribly, horribly bad Every year, when the Halloween season returns, there are just some things that are inevitabilities. For instance, those cheesy haunted houses, professing to be the scariest in the state, […]

Adam Staten

Weekly Movie Review: The LEDO Ninjago Movie

October 12, 2017 Adam Staten

The LEGO Ninjago Movie: Terribly disappointing If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. In no other industry is this saying more apparent than the entertainment field. Turn on the television and you’ll eventually run into […]