Adam Staten

Weekly Movie Review: Battle of the Sexes

October 5, 2017 Adam Staten

Battle of the Sexes: Game. Set. Dull.  Whether participating or simply viewing, sports can and do serve many functions in our society. For those who take part in athletic competitions, sports are a significant source […]

Adam Staten

Weekly Movie Review: American Assassin

September 21, 2017 Adam Staten

American Assassin; Embarrassingly cliché and unoriginal Politics and its often divisive, polarizing nature is something that’s hard to escape in today’s world. Thanks to the invention of 24-hour news, political matters of the day are […]

Adam Staten

Weekly Movie Review: It

September 14, 2017 Adam Staten

It: Genuinely creepy and chilling Fear, terror or at least the impression that our very existence hangs in the balance is a sentiment a wide swath of the population craves. How else could one explain […]