More conversations with my mom

July 12, 2018 Nicole Davis

By Rick Hinton I’d like to think I’m a funny guy. My sense of humor has always helped me to get through tough situations. In 2013 my mother contracted Spinal Meningitis. She was alone in […]


Life after the Paranormal

June 28, 2018 Nicole Davis

By Rick Hinton When we parked at the Brown County Art Gallery in Nashville, Indiana, it was hot. Very hot! Temperatures were in the 90s. Downtown Nashville was buzzing with sidewalk pedestrians seeming to hurry […]


Nuggets of Southport history

June 7, 2018 Nicole Davis

By Rick Hinton Southport has a varied history. Most small towns do. Out of humble beginnings, progress gradually takes root. Southport Road (once known as Union Street) became even more rural as it moved east […]


Finding Mary Bryan

May 31, 2018 Nicole Davis

By Rick Hinton I don’t stroll through cemeteries in the dark anymore, yet have no hesitation in doing so in the daylight. Especially when accompanied by my friend, Barry Browning, treasurer for the Perry Township/Southport […]


A tutorial for potential ghost hunters

May 24, 2018 Nicole Davis

By Rick Hinton Paranormal author Benjamin Radford concludes his thoughts on those of us desiring to venture into ghost hunting: Failing to consider alternative explanations for anomalous or “unexplained” phenomena “Ghost hunters often over-interpret evidence […]


A paranormal author speaks out

May 18, 2018 Nicole Davis

By Rick Hinton When my friend Kenny Bittle (Facebook—I Am Kenny Bittle) speaks, I tend to listen. When it comes to the paranormal he has both feet on the ground and is not swayed by […]