A paranormal author speaks out

May 18, 2018 Nicole Davis

By Rick Hinton When my friend Kenny Bittle (Facebook—I Am Kenny Bittle) speaks, I tend to listen. When it comes to the paranormal he has both feet on the ground and is not swayed by […]

Haunts & Jaunts

When houses fight back

May 4, 2018 Nicole Davis

By Rick Hinton I’ve written in the past about our future retirement home in Kentucky. It was my mom’s house, and she died there. Before her death all kinds of strange things happened. The house […]


When a beloved pet passes on …

April 12, 2018 Rick Hinton

People who lose a beloved pet might compare the pain to grieving a family member. Today, I’m feeling the pain, and I expect to for some time. Last Saturday, my wife, Laura, and I had […]

Around Town

Haunts & Jaunts: Pump House Antiques

March 29, 2018 Rick Hinton

   Bargersville is a small town located just southwest of Indianapolis in Johnson County. It became a town in 1906 with the help of the railroad coming through. It has stayed small; that’s its charm. […]