Can’t out-exercise a crappy diet

By Wendell Fowler

Sweaty after my cardio at the Irsay YMCA, I ask a fellow gym rat what her motivation was to exercise regularly. “Oh, so I can still eat everything I want.” Ooookay! That was a new one but it’s more widespread than I imagined. Realistically, I think many good souls exercise excessively so they won’t feel guilty eating unhealthy foods.

If you’re a cross-training, body-sculpting, weight-lifter living on buckets of KFC, burgers, fries, Twinkies, doing the 12-ounce Budweiser curl and expect your temple to look like Adonis or Heidi Klum, you are setting yourself up for mediocrity. Powerless to achieve your highest, God-given potential.

After nearly dying and becoming ‘woke’, I committed to a disciplined all-over and cardio routine and slowly evolved into a plant-based diet and lifestyle. Skills and parts of who I truly am were revealed. I had been blocking the flow of my gifts with poor food choices. Starving my cells of what they need to complete the highest me.

I recall wincing at the 10,000 calorie McDonalds fast-food diet that youthful Michael Phelps maintained during his decorated Olympic swimming career. Not like his accomplishment was anything to diminish but I’ve wondered how much better he might have performed if he’d given his temple more dietary reverence. Plus, it was piss-poor role modeling at its finest.

Do your exercise sessions end in regrettable eating debauchery? Do you compensate your overindulgence by exercising more, as if exercising magically cancels out the unhealthy foods you ate the day before? The “I’ll sweat the toxins out” mentality. Buzz! Wrong!

Would you build your house on rock or sand with cheap materials? Buy cheap gas and take a long grueling road trip? Or buy clothes on the cheap and expect them to last?

The reason we need nutrition from food or vitamins is to provide the temple with the funds to cover the check you write using its health account. If you eat whatever you like and then ask your temple to provide energy and strength to perform a task, the check will bounce and your temple suffers.

See yourself as the unique, beautiful miracle of creation you truly are; what you are capable of accomplishing. How much power you have to control your physicality with your choices. Your temple really loves you and spends its existence trying to give you what you request it to do. Garbage in, garbage out.