Blindfolded up to bat

Southport Police lost to Indy Thunder and Indy Edge in a friendly competition of Beep Baseball

Southport Officer Cameron Ellis is shown where to stand to bat by Indy Thunder founder, Darnell Booker.

Being blindfolded added a new challenge to the game of baseball as Southport Police officers stood at the base, bat in hand, ready to try and hit the ball as it beeped past them. Southport Police Department competed against Indy Edge and Indy Thunder in Beep Baseball on May 21, sponsored by the Lions Club of Southport Inc.

Beep Baseball is a game designed for those who are blind and visually impaired. All participants wear blindfolds to put them on equal playing grounds. The ball beeps, and the bases buzz when it’s time to run to them.

“We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Lions and the police department,” said Indy Edge Coach Jerry Windell. “Any information that we can provide to the community as far as what we do is nothing but good. We’re happy to show different people in the community our game and hopefully that will lead to other people being involved.”

Indy Edge and Indy Thunder both won against the police officers, but the event wasn’t truly about the victory. The event was to raise awareness to the sport with some friendly competition between the police and professionals. Donations were accepted to be used to send the teams to the World Series games in July. It was announced at the end of the day that enough money was raised to give each team $210.

Southport Police officers get advice mid-game from Darnell Booker.
Southport Police officers get advice mid-game from Darnell Booker.