Behind the Badge: Jason Fletcher

Southside criminal investigator works with Marion County Prosecutor’s Office in Adult Protective Services

Jason Fletcher.
*Photo by Nicole Davis

Jason Fletcher is responsible for investigating many of the Adult Protective Service cases on the Southside of Indianapolis for the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. It’s a job which he said he is energetic about, coming to work every day, using his background in law enforcement to protect the people in and around his hometown.

Fletcher attended Beech Grove City Schools until high school, when his family moved to Mooresville. It was always in the back of his mind that he wanted a career that could help people. After high school, he started to pursue the medical field with the ultimate goal of being in emergency medical services, but eventually decided to pursue law enforcement instead.

He became employed as a deputy for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in 1999, spending six years there. He worked in other law enforcement and security-related positions until he came to the prosecutor’s office in 2015.

Fletcher said he receives new cases almost daily, reports of a possible neglect against an endangered adult – anyone 18 or older who can’t make their own medical or financial decisions, who needs close to 24-hour care.

“Someone who doesn’t have a voice, 18 and above, that’s where we step in and be their voice, step in and prosecute wrong behavior,” he said.

Fletcher has lived in Perry Township for 15 years now, with his two daughters, Emily and Kaitlyn.

What was your inspiration to go into law enforcement?

I really have a passion for helping people and for protecting the weak or the people that can’t help themselves.

What has been one of your most gratifying moments on the job?

I had a case where the husband was neglecting the wife, whether he realized it or not. We had to separate them and obtain guardianship for the wife. Today she is in a safe place. They can see each other on a daily basis, but we make sure she is in a safe position where she is not being neglected and is getting the medications that she needs.

What aspect of the job do you find most challenging?

As an APS Investigator, our hands are tied with a lot of current Indiana laws. I have been working with a state representative to change those laws to help … the endangered adults here in Indiana. We had a bill drafted this current session but it didn’t go anywhere. We are going to try again next year with the same state representative. The number one thing we were passionate about is emergency placement. Right now, CPS can take a child out of the home and investigate if they feel that there is a neglect. Anyone 18 and above, I can’t just come into the home and take them out. I have to leave, investigate, then come back. In the meantime, the perp can be hiding, cleaning up evidence or even moving the victim to a different location. We want to be able to take the victim, move them to a safe place, then investigate.

What do you enjoy doing in your off-time?

I like seeing the community come together and neighborhoods come together. I’m president of my neighborhood association, Carson Heights Neighborhood Association, that we just started organizing in the past year and a half. I’m a cochair on a SoIndy Quality of Life Community building team. I am treasurer for the Perry Township Democratic Club and active in Southside Democrat Club in Fountain Square. I served on the Perry Township Advisory Board from 2012 – 16.

What are your future goals, professionally or personally?

To work on changing the laws of Indiana for APS investigators to protect our adults. Emergency placement is so big. Hopefully next session we’ll have some movement. Personally, I’m raising two daughters. My goal is to make sure they grow up to be bright women, go to college and be everything they can be.

What would you have done if you hadn’t gone into law enforcement?

Maybe something in the sports world. I enjoy football, basketball. I at one point was an assistant coach to kindergarten, first and second graders. I really enjoyed that.