Beech Grove student media looking to raise funds for new equipment

By Jacob Musselman

Chris Green, the instructor of the Radio and television program at Beech Grove High School BGHS, created a fundraiser link to raise money for new equipment for the student media program at BGHS.

The goal for the fundraiser is to get to their goal of $5,000 to upgrade their current video equipment and raise enough money to start a school-run radio station and podcast center. The fundraiser is aimed at growing the experience the students are able to have while being involved in student media. 

In the GoFundMe description, Green said, “ Media programs like ours have seen funding cuts at the state level and many schools who have similar programs are unable to fund them fully in many cases.”

He continued by saying the department is lucky to have the equipment it does but it can quickly become outdated with technology advancing quickly now.

A full description of the GoFundMe can be found on the fundraiser page or on BGSN’s social media @BGStudentNetwork.

A link to the fundraiser can be found here.