Become a BBQ Maestro

BBQ Bootcamp explains technique and tricks to creating a better barbecue

Scott Regal

BBQ Maestros is preparing for a class in the Beech Grove area that will hit all of your senses.

See and touch the product, hear the sizzle, smell and taste the barbecue as bbq master Chris Marks offers tips and tricks of the craft at a BBQ Bootcamp on April 8 and 9, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“It’s a full disclosure about recipes, methods and what’s in the rubs,” said Scott Regal, BBQ Maestros owner. “It’s not a secret behind closed doors that you’ll often run into. If you’re coming to the class, you want to learn. We’re enthusiastic about that with you and taking it to the next level.”

BBQ Maestros will celebrate its first year in business this April. Owners Scott and Jeanelle ran an IT business, picking up barbecuing as a hobby. They now sell bbq tools, grills, smokers and more to “enhance the BBQ experience for Indianapolis.”

“I usually cook every weekend and post pictures on our social media,” Scott said. “We do apple pies, brownies, mushrooms, cheeses and all kinds of stuff on the smoker. We’re hopefully changing that concept that it’s just meat. That’s a big piece of it but a smoker is just like a big oven.”

Scotts favorite item to bbq: bacon-wrapped chicken thighs.

The business held its first BBQ Bootcamp last year. Host of the class, Marks, has won more than 40 national BBQ contests and is an eight-time grand champion of the American Royal BBQ Cook-off.

“It’s kind of like the NFL of American BBQ,” Scott said. “We bring him in to teach the class. You get to see how it’s done rather than hand you a pamphlet. There are methods and techniques that make barbecuing easier. It’s a science, in how the charcoal affects the meat, how rubs and injections interact with the meat in different ways. There’s a lot of myths that are on the internet. We cut through some of those. All the questions someone has in the class are addressed right there.”

The $95 per day fee for the class includes the meat, instruction and more. For more information, visit

BBQ Bootcamp

When: April 8 and 9, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Where:5621 Elmwood Ave., Indianapolis

Cost: $95 per class