Back like she never left: How a Beech Grove author picked up writing again after 59 years

By Jacob Musselman

Mary Ann Senft, the Beech Grove native and graduate of Beech Grove High School, never thought she would be a writer. 

But in her schooling, when she lived in California, she entered a writing contest her school was taking applications for. Long story short, Senft was selected to be one of five students to be sent to the statewide contest, where would go on to win first place. From that moment on, she got the writing bug. 

That story, which she later titled Shadows of December and turned into a book later in life. 

Throughout her life, she has taken inspiration from her everyday living and put pen to paper with her stories, adding her own personal touches. 

Senft says to any student in middle school or high school that wants to become an author one day or any student that thinks they could be a writer, “just do it.” 

She said after winning the writing contest when she was 10, she wanted to write another story and keep doing it, but never did.

“Here I am, at 72 years old and at 69, I just started writing again,” Senft said.

She said as soon as she started writing again, she felt the same way she did when she was 10 years old, she felt the urge to keep writing and says sometimes the stories just write themselves.

“I wish I had pursued it much much sooner,” Senft said. “I think I could have done this my whole life. It’s fulfilling and exciting.” 

Senft recently released “The Unseen Player” and is available at all book retailers or her website,