Anxious parents + frisky teens = lots of laughs

By Adam Staten

In the life of a high school student, prom is like, a totally big deal. The thinking goes something like this: Prom is a night we’ll absolutely remember for the rest of our lives. It could, in fact, change our lives entirely. Prom is bigger than getting a driver’s license. It has more significance than the basketball team winning sectionals. And brace yourself for this one: The night is more important than Apple’s newest iPhone release. Like I said, it’s like, a totally big deal.

Blockers, a new film, shows us just how much weight prom night holds in the life of a high school student. The movie tells the story of three friends since kindergarten. Just before the big night, the three female chums agree to lose their virginity on prom night — yes, they’ve decided to do the deed with their dates.

As you might guess, the parents of the three girls learn about their little pact. Let’s just say they aren’t real thrilled about it.

As the three girls roll off down the street in a limo with their dates, the parents launch a half-brained scheme to stop the late-night prom plans. Flying by the seat of their pants, the pack of parents follow their daughters to prom, lurking in the distance so as not to let on that they’re aware of the pact.

As (bad) luck would have it, prom turns out to be a dud … but the girls hear about several totally awesome parties. Always a few hilarious steps behind, the trio of parents learn of their daughters’ next move and respond accordingly.

As you might surmise, Blockers doesn’t have an intricate, original plot — and that’s the film’s biggest flaw. The only original aspect is that it’s girls, not guys, who give themselves a deadline to shed their virginity. Beyond that, nothing is even a little bit fresh. But the laughs — not the plot — are the primary focus, and the film succeeds on that front over and over again.

When the film starts to sputter in a few places, the lead characters’ charisma and chemistry keep things interesting. Leslie Mann, John Cena and Ike Barinholtz are game and open to anything, and the results are often hilarious.

Blockers isn’t going to set the box office on fire, but it’s a hilariously funny 102 minutes thanks to talented leads. 3.5 out of 5.