​Five years ago, Access Mobility experienced a fire.

​Access Mobility sent this e-mail on Feb. 3:

“Five years ago today Access Mobility experienced a devastating fire.

On that day as we watched the fire trucks roll up their hoses and store their ladders we made the conscious decision to not give up.

On the next day, February 4th 2012 we purchased the plastic 8 ft tables that we now are using in the conference room and forwarded our phone lines to our cell phones. Thankfully our previous landlord welcomed us to use some space temporarily in this building and we set up with virtually nothing to work with except the ink pens in our pockets and some yellow pads of paper.

Daily, for the following months, all of the staff reached down and together we pulled the company right back out of the ashes. It was amazing. And you still are amazing. Look how far we have come in 5 years.

So to all of the staff back then and to all of you today. And to our ​vendors, friends and ​customers that ​stayed by our side, Thank you​!​

Attached you will see some pictures of the ugliness we were left to deal with that day.

Nope, we did not give in, we did not cry. We believed.

And we still do.”