A Simple Favor

A twist-filled ton of fun

By Adam Staten

Everything has an end. Whether it’s a book, a television series, a meal or a movie; no matter how much we enjoy those things, they all have to end. As much as I’ve enjoyed watching, thinking about and then writing and expressing my thoughts and feelings on the latest films for nearly six years, this is will be my final review. During that time, I’ve seen good, bad and terrible films but I’ve enjoyed reviewing them all. Thankfully, things are ending on a high note as I checked out A Simple Favor.

A Simple Favor is the story of Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), a recently widowed mommy vloggler, who spends most of her time volunteering in her son’s classroom. She’s happy-go-lucky, extremely socially awkward and since her husband’s death, she’s also desperately seeking a friend. One day, while picking up her son from school, Stephanie encounters the sophisticated, worldly and well-dressed Emily (Blake Lively). From this moment forward, Stephanie’s life will never be the same.

Due to the simple fact that both have boys in the same class, Emily and Stephanie both hit if off and enjoy spending time together. Stephanie is instantly fascinated with Emily’s life. Emily seemingly has it all: a gorgeous house, a high-paying, prestigious job and a beautiful family. However, when it comes to Emily, there definitely is more than meets the eye. She is obviously unhappy but no one is quite sure why. When Stephanie performs a simple favor for Emily – picking up her son from school – Stephanie soon goes down a rabbit hole that ends in a way no one saw coming, characters and the audience included.

When thinking about A Simple Favor there are two things that immediately come to mind: the writing and the performances of the leads, if either of them is subpar the film is a major failure. Thankfully, with this film, that is not the case. The story, which implements a surprisingly large amount of humor, truly does keep you guessing until the film’s unexpected conclusion. While the many twists and turns may get ridiculous, it oddly keeps you interested and invested, wondering how this thing will end.

Kendrick and Lively, while not turning in Oscar-level work, are still a lot of fun to watch. They are obviously game for anything as they turn in fun and interesting performances and never seem annoyed by the often ridiculousness of the story.

A Simple Favor, while not a perfect flick, is still a ton of fun with its many twists and turns that keeps you guessing to the very end.  4 out of 5.  Thanks for reading and have fun at the movies!