A cool approach to therapy

Pat and Tracey Kendall bring the cryotherapy experience to the Southside

By Jeremy Dunn

Elite athletes like NBA superstar Lebron James, Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt and professional boxer Floyd Mayweather use it for muscles recovery and performance. Fifty-four-year-old actress Demi Moore claims she schedules it three times a week for its anti-aging effects. TV personality Dr. Oz claims it can benefit your overall health.

This might leave many pondering what this hot new trend could be. In all reality, it could not be any less hot. Actually, freezing might be a better description. It is cryotherapy treatment and Cryotherapy Associates in Greenwood is bringing the experience to the Southside of Indianapolis.

Freezing to heal

Cryotherapy Associates founder Tracey Kendall explains the process. “Whole body cryotherapy is a three-minute treatment that uses cold, dry, nitrogen vapors to activate the body’s natural ability to heal itself and decrease inflammation throughout the body. Whole body cryotherapy has been around since 1978 and has been gaining popularity in the United States over the last 10 years,” she said. The University of Indianapolis alum and physical therapist adds that the treatment’s natural qualities have made it a growing option for many. “The rise in popularity is due to the fact that people are looking for natural ways to recover from injuries and decrease pain,” Kendall said.

This freeze treatment is not limited to just athletes and entertainers either, adding to its appeal. “Anyone can benefit from whole body (cryotherapy) for a variety of reasons, including pain management, athletic recovery, exercise recovery, boosting energy and mood and improving sleep,” she said.

Speaking from personal experience

After graduating from the University of Indianapolis in 2001, the former Greyhound worked mainly in home health care and rehab management with some experiences in outpatient and acute care. However, the Cryotherapy Associates founder came across the therapeutic practice while researching ways to help her husband, Pat, with his foot pain. “After reading on how whole-body cryotherapy could possibly decrease his pain during a gout flare-up, I just had to find out more,” Kendall said. “We went to the only cryotherapy clinic in Indiana at the time for a session. My husband and I were amazed how great we felt after just one session. My exercise soreness was gone and my husband walked out of the clinic with less foot pain. After even more research, I took a trip to L.A. to visit Cyro Healthcare, one of the first cryotherapy clinics in the United States.”


Whole body cryotherapy has exploded in popularity over the last 10 years because of its natural treatments and multiple benefits. (Submitted Photos)

Bringing it home

Since starting at UIndy in 1995, Kendall has become a permanent resident on Indy’s Southside and she could not wait to bring cryotherapy home for her clients. “Greenwood had no cryotherapy clinics and I just felt the need to share the advanced technology with the residents of the Southside of Indy,” she said.

Cryotherapy Associates offers a variety of treatments for recovery, pain management and relaxation that includes whole body cryotherapy, an infrared sauna, localized cryotherapy, CryoFacials, Normatec Compression sleeves, BOA MAX and Celluma LED.

According to its founder, visitors to Cryotherapy Associates will have enjoyable and educational experiences. “Our staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about our services,” Kendall said. “We strive to maintain a professional, yet fun atmosphere for our clients. We walk each client through what they can expect and what to do each step of the way.”

Far from a cold shoulder

Pat and Tracey Kendall are embracing the opportunity to share cryotherapy with the Southside and look forward to building Cryotherapy Associates’ relationship with the community. The couple has been thrilled with the response. “Our goals include educating the Southside of Indy about the many benefits of whole-body cryotherapy and how it can help them live a better quality of life. We have gotten good responses from members of the community that have tried our services. We have had athletes from at least 16 local high schools use our services to help accelerate their recovery and perform at their best,” she said.

If the Kendalls have anything to say about it, this new venture will not be “cooling off” any time soon.

For more information visit cryotherapyassociates.com. Follow Cyrotherapy Associates on Facebook and Twitter.

Cryotherapy Associates is the first establishment to offer cryotherapy on the south side of Indianapolis.

5 Questions with Tracey Kendall

#1. What is your favorite place on the Southside besides Cryotherapy Associates? I spend most of my non-working time at my three children’s sporting events and activities. Although Target is my second home.

#2. If you could only listen to one album for the next year, what would you chose and why? My daughters and I listen to Maroon 5 daily.

#3. What is the best advice you have ever received? Whether you think you can or can’t, you are correct.

#4. Who has been your greatest inspiration? My mother Nancy Klinger. She is the hardest working female I know. Her faith in God and dedication to her family is amazing and I strive to be more like her daily.

#5. What is the most rewarding part of working in physical therapy? Helping my clients reach their goals so they can experience a better quality of life is why I love being a physical therapist.


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