Sen. Sandlin: Indiana General Assembly concludes 2018 legislative session

The Indiana General Assembly concluded the 2018 legislative session on March 14, said State Sen. Jack E. Sandlin (R-Indianapolis).

Highlights of the 2018 legislative session include bills aimed at fighting the drug epidemic, improving workforce development and supporting Hoosier schools.

·       Senate Enrolled Act 221 helps prevent opioid abuse by requiring doctors to check INSPECT, Indiana’s prescription-monitoring service, before prescribing opioids to a patient.

·       Senate Enrolled Act 50, co-authored by Sandlin, and House Enrolled Act 1002 work together to streamline Indiana’s workforce development efforts and expand financial aid for job-training programs.

·       Senate Enrolled Act 172 prepares students for the job market by requiring all K-12 schools to offer a computer science class by 2021.

·       House Enrolled Act 1001 provides additional school funding due to higher-than-expected enrollment in public schools for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years.

·       House Enrolled Act 1426 adjusts Indiana’s diploma system to make sure all high-school graduates are provided with a better, more effective pathway into college or the workforce.

·       Senate Enrolled Act 99 modifies Indiana’s civil forfeiture laws to create a better balance between property owners’ Constitutional rights and law-enforcement needs.

“Indiana has had a string of economic success lately,” Sandlin said. “With the work completed this legislative session, I hope we continue to attract high-paying jobs to our state and enhance our education system, while working to eliminate opioid abuse in Indiana.”

In addition to these highlights, Sandlin noted the passage of the following bills:

·       Senate Enrolled Act 60 provides that a failure to register as a sex or violent offender for an offense originating from another jurisdiction is a Level 5 felony in certain instances.

·       Senate Enrolled Act 96, authored by Sandlin, expands Indiana’s pilot program to treat veterans with conditions such as traumatic brain injuries and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder using hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

“SEA 60 will add additional language to protect our citizens from sexual or violent offenders who come from out-of-state,” Sandlin said. “In addition, taking care of our veterans is something I personally value as a top-priority. SEA 96 will continue to give back to those that have made the greatest sacrifice by putting their life on the line for others by expanding a treatment pilot program that could help with post-traumatic stress disorder.”

The Senate has now adjourned “sine die” – which signifies the end of the 2018 Indiana General Assembly.