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Coaching commendations

August 17, 2017 The Southside Times

Roncalli High School swim coach Ed Merkling retires after 19-year career By Patrick R. Murphy On Aug. 7, Roncalli swimming and diving head coach Ed Merkling, was recognized at a dinner for his 19-year coaching […]


Haunts & Jaunts: Going to Gettysburg

August 17, 2017 Rick Hinton

   This past weekend was a Boy Scout one. The Ritual is something I’ve participated in for 12 years now. 150 individual fires this weekend sequentially dotted the meadow, casting a curtain of blue fog […]


Peanut butter

August 17, 2017 Wendell Fowler

Peanut butter is associated with happy childhood memories. Many of us grew up with a comic book in one hand and a peanut butter, grape jelly on sammie in the other. Nonetheless, the wholesome food […]

Adam Staten

Weekly Movie Review: Dunkirk

August 17, 2017 Adam Staten

Dunkirk; Visually stunning, masterfully directed flick The entire month of August is normally an extremely weak time for film. Most of the summer’s blockbusters have usually come out by this time, and because of the […]

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Three’s a sport

August 17, 2017 Nicole Davis

Greenwood Gators host youth triathlon Kids Tri for Kids to encourage kids to be more active and healthy By Rebecca Bennett The last time the Center Grove area had a youth triathlon was more than […]

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Depiction of courage

August 17, 2017 Nicole Davis

N. Beth Line paints ‘Ellen’s Courage’ on the traffic box at Stop 11 and Bluff roads to honor her late friend, Ellen Huddleson Ellen Huddleston was the depiction of courage. Throughout her battle with diabetes and […]

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Back to school Blues

August 16, 2017 Nicole Davis

Colts mascot entertains and educates students at Rosa Parks Elementary As students settle into the new school year, the Indianapolis Colts mascot, Blue, knows how it feels. With the release of the new book, Blue […]