2017 Fourth Annual Pet Lover’s Edition

Mr. Molesley, first place.
Purrcy and Buddy, second place.

A pet is more than just an animal living in our homes; they’re family. Their sweet faces and personalities are something many owners take pride in, often sharing stories of something cute or funny their sweet or sassy dog or cat did. To celebrate the lesser-known family members, The Southside Times asked readers to send their best photos of their pet, choosing the top three to be featured on this week’s cover.

We look for personality when choosing the top three. There was a lot of personality to choose from this year! Our first place winner, Mr. Molesley, shows his playful side, covered in leaves with one leaf as an eye

Charlie and Gizmo, third place

patch. Second place Purrcy and Buddy demonstrate that cats and dogs can be best of friends! Third place, Charlie and Gizmo, almost remind of us sibling rivalry, with Charlie looking in at Gizmo who’s getting the attention.

There were so many favorites! Buttercup tends to squint in the sun, so she is protected with her own sunglasses. Nala and Ollie are mischievous pups, leaving the remains of their troublemaking around the house. Biggles has some vanity, checking himself out in the mirror. The list goes on and on.

We’d like to thank everyone who submitted photographs, as can be viewed inside the publication and on our Facebook page. Please, enjoy this Fourth Annual Pet Lovers edition.

To view all of the other photos online, visit the digital Aug. 31 archive, or the Facebook post here.